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vending machines?

I'm lucky and the college where I work has french fries, quavers and squares crisps in the machine, along with some two finger kit-kats.

The emails every half hour telling me what the budding young chefs have cooked that day which is for sale for next to nothing is a lot harder to resist!! (Pre-sw a colleague and I bought a mahoosive gateau, and even after the other people in the office had their slices, we sat and ate the thing with a spoon all afternoon! It just seemed silly at £2 NOT to buy a cake for the office, and then it seemed silly to waste it!) I have since found my wilpower again (and the delete button before I start to get tempted!
I used to work at a council run leisure centre and that used to drive me nuts. The only healthy snacks they had were apples in the gym itself, nothing for anyone else doing any of the numerous activities we had there!

Two large ladies always made me laugh, at most they would spend 15 mins in the gym before coming out and eating two mars bars each!!
In the police station where I work there is an honesty fridge so what a lot of the coppers do is stick a tenner in there at the beginning of the week and then just grab stuff from it whenever. So dangerous for me! It's alright for them they spend all day walking around or running after shoplifters!
How do you resist the call of them when the crips and chocolate start whispering to you??? :sigh:
You remind yourself that you have absolutely no idea how many days, weeks, months, years, the things have been sitting inside the machine.

Nor do you have any idea what the temperature is inside the machine - if it is warm then the food might have deteriorated even more.

Works for me!!
IGNORE IT!! Just rise above it. Unless of course you sit in the corridor right next door to the Vending Machine - then you are probably in big trouble.

If you are tempted - talk yourself through what you've got to do to get to that piece of chocolate.

Get up from your desk, walk out of the office, walk to wherever the machine in (mine is in the next building!!) queue (possibly), choose what you want, get money from your pocket, make sure you have the correct change... hope for the best...

I always get really self-conscious at vending machines. I always imagine people walking behind me and thinking - she really doesn't need a chocolate - fat cow!!

So, that's what I do - I play mind games with myself!! lol

Hope this helps!!

I always get really self-conscious at vending machines. I always imagine people walking behind me and thinking - she really doesn't need a chocolate - fat cow!!

haha I do this to, I always want it whenever I want a takeaway because I always think that people will be chatting about me :) oh the weird things we do

I try just not to take my purse with me, or have hard boil sweets in my drawer usually one of them can take the cravings away :)
Yep, I try not to have too much change floating about - if I don't have any change, I can't use the vending machine. Works for me!
My kids always try to get me to get them stuff out of the machines i refuse, most of the time its well overpriced. I work in a convienience store and have decided to stop taking any money in with me at all for one there is nothing healthy in there and secondly its costing me a fortune
I sit facing the blasted thing 4 times a day at work in the canteen..
the guys I work with sit at the table directly in front of it and the only spare chair was the one facing it.. :(

It's stocked by the people there, not a company and has not much in it so it has a good turn over so I know what's been in there for how long..

so far I've only given in once, and that was to claim the last alpen bar in there.. ( and I hadn't had a HeB that day so I counted it as that.. :) )

you're right though, I don't take cash normally, but I've started buying a paper so I have change in my pockets some days and those kitkats look might tasty.. :(
Double Threat

I work in Tesco so I spend all morning passing yummy food over a blooper, then have to contend with the 2 vending machines in the staff room at lunch! Both are stocked by the canteen staff, one has chocolate crisps etc, the other has Tesco cream cakes, home made sandwiches, sausage rolls, home made millionaires shortcake, cereal and teacakes etc It's a night mare! Worst time is breaks, at lunch I used to have whatever they were cooking (which usually wasn't too unhealthy tbh) or a jacket potato, but morning and afternoon break you just sort of feel like they've given you 15 mins so you should use it to eat SOMETHING. Mostly used to get a chocolate bar in the morning then a sandwich in the afternoon.

Since being back on this diet though I just ... don't. Try to make sure I have snacks with me, more than I could possibly want, alpen bars, babybel, grapes, chopped pineapple (the more sociable fruits), chicken pieces/ham, muller or a synned chocolate desert if it's a "long" i.e stressful shift. That way I can't possibly run out of stuff to eat and excuse myself getting something from the machine! If I DO have to get something there are quite good with having some healthy options, there's always alpen bars in there, mullers or 0.5 syn jelly pots.

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