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hello all,
i just need to vent if im honest

i started cd at the begining of the year and was 18st11
i got down to 17.8 before i gave up and started ww.

on ww i got to about 17.5 then just up and down each week never really loosing.
now im 17.11 after giving that up and feel so fat and gross that i cant bear to look at myself in the mirror.
yesterday i split my trousers which has put me in a foul mood!

i feel in the right frame of mind for cd now as i never want to eat again, however with xmas being on sunday i dont think this is very feesable and i dont want to waste my money on cd for 2 days then blow it on sunday !!!

but iv definatley decided i cannot continue like this is making me miserable so i think january 4th i return to work and back into a routine will be my first day back with CD.

sorry for the rant i think i just needed to get that oout and didnt want to say it to my friends or family !!!
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I know how you feel hun, I was 18.2 when I started, now I'm 16.2 in 7 weeks sticking to CD on SS and Step 1, much more and much quicker than when I was doing WW!

You will get there as long as you keep yourself motivated :)

Good luck when you start and keep us updated xx


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Hi milkybar

Welcome! This diet is amazing for weight loss if you stick to it 100%. In 5 weeks I have lost 20lbs, I could never do that with a dieting club, not too keen on clubs anyway, kinda remind me of the Marjory Dawes thing :p (its just me :D). Having a CD councellor is so much better, more one to one.
Very good idea to make 2012 your year.
Good luck! :wavey:


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i hate clubs too, candlewix!

milkybar, get christmas out of the way and just go for it. and when you do, don't stop for anyone or anything. Do this for you, to make you happy.

I also wanted to say though, you've ended the year a stone lighter than you began it! That's a real achievement. be proud of what you have already done. Give yourself the proper credit. I think self-esteem is really important.