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Vertical Stripes


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Did anyone watch QI last night?
Apparently most people believe that vertical stripes appear more slimming and that horizontal stripes make you look fat. I am one of those, and have always avoided horizontal stripes for that reason.
It has now been discovered that the opposite is true. Very interesting... now I can buy the clothes I have avoided all these years! ;)
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i don't overly agree with this, it depends on the person. some people look fabulous in horizontal/vertical stripes and others REALLY don't! i think you have to try it on and see how you feel.


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Yep, you are right.... I have always avoided horizontal stripes, so never even tried them... and it's no use asking my OH if anything looks ok.... he always say great... even if I wore a sack.. maybe he is scared to say otherwise... a bit like the "Does my bum look big in this?" He always has said no, but he lies! :D


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Interesting though!! I'm very busty and have always avoided horizontal stripes for that reason!! But I will try something horizontal on and see what I think now I've heard this! There seem to be a lot more horizontal than vertical striped pieces around!!X
I just bought an Ulla Popken top with horizontal stripes from eBay. I didn't think about the optical effect - I just liked the colours.

It was dead cheap and almost brand new - I will be wearing it with increased confidence now I know it will make me look slimmer!!!

(Actually, it probably won't, it's too much to ask, but I will enjoy wearing it anyway!)
I wear horizontal stripes quite a bit - even when I was fatter. I even told my Mom about the possibility that they may not make her look bigger than she is at the weekend - so she tried on a nautical style top and looked fab! But you're right, it does depend on the person/clothing.


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The science behind it is sound enough, so scientifically speaking it is true.

But in real life ... ?

I have always preferred horizonatal stripes to vertical, but did one make me look fatter than the other? I would say, and I am quoting an advert I saw once, it was my fat that made me look fat!

Anyone who is worried enough to choose or not choose a top based on which way the stripes run would just do better to get on a diet or healthy eating plan and exercise lol.

The other thing is I think it is how you 'feel' in a certain outfit that reflects how you stand and walk, which in turn would affect how you look to others. Wear whatever you are comfortable in :)


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I remember a programme about this years ago, they were saying that vertical stripes can make people look bigger because they enhance the bulges but horizontal didn't - I didn't & still don't get it - but I have always either, as long as I have thought they clothes looked good then I haven't bothered too much


Alomst there :)
I saw this the other night.... I loved Alan's take on it :) Are people going to think you're thinner because you're wearing Horizontal stripes... because bigger people can't get away with them?? It went round in circles for a while, in typical QI fashion LOL :)

I have to say I don't wear Horizontal stripes, I don't wear vertical ones either though.... just because I don't 'DO' stripes ;)
I think the width of the stripes are important though because thick bands of horizontal stripes will accentuate muffin tops!
I think the width of the stripes are important though because thick bands of horizontal stripes will accentuate muffin tops!
Agreed :p

Personally I don't wear stripes, they don't suit me and I think that in some senses it may be true because if you're wearing stripes and they're 'bulging' around curves it can have an unwanted effect.

I say wear what makes you feel happy and comfortable either way.

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