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Very Disappointed in Self :(


cos i need this xxx
Well i had high hopes at the start of new year and have really let myself down :(. i have binged pretty much every day since new years and havent been able to rein it in at all :( last night was the worst yet and i just feel out of control.
i am starting afresh yet again today, im ditching the whole "diet" idea though and im just going to try and ficus on eating like a "normal" person as opposed to major restriction or doing slim fast or anything, i think i really need to tackle my issues with food before i can "diet" as such. i AM going to ban fatty foods like pizza, cheesey pasta, choc, etc and fried foods, but thats all im doing. i just going to try and eat enough at bfast, lunch and dinner to satisfy and keeep me going but really really push myself to stop the binges. its got out of hand i feel :(
does anyone else just have so much difficulty not bingeing??
i hate myself for having so little control :(

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Hi there - I don't have any good advice on stopping binging but I do over-eat when I'm stressed or depressed. If I've got an attack of depression or my mum's said or done something extra stressful, eating an oversized bar of chocolate or something unhealthy seems to relieve the stress or the depression. I think it's the sugar/fat 'hit' that does the trick.

But I don't beat myself up about it because that could lead to a vicious circle - feel bad, over-eat, feel bad because I've over-eaten, which makes me over-eat again etc. I can imagine that would lead to attacks of binging.

All I can do is get away from the stress in the first place, and get used to less fat and sugar in my everyday diet so that if I do over-eat I don't need such a big 'hit'.

Hope you find a way out of it.


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Yep that's my biggest problem, once I start I really can't stop its horrible, I can't be satisfied with just 1 bit of food there has to be loads infront of me. But I've said to myself I'm sick of feeling horrible afterwards, and losing weight is more important to me now. Have you tried weightwatchers or anything like that? I like weightwatchers cause I can still save up once a week to have like a takeaway or a pizza?

Blue Butterfly

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I know how you feel hun.
I have been trying to diet for months now and just end up binging day after day. Sometimes I manage to lose about a stone but then I binge some more and the weight all goes back on.

Its good that you have just decided to make small changes (cutting out pizzas,choc etc) as they are healthy lifestyle changes so better in the long run.

Have you thought about seeing a doctor about your eating habits? If you feel like they are out of control then maybe the doc can help you or get you some help,possibly some CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) Or maybe you can go and have a chat with a dietician.

I felt crappy coz I binged all the time. My doc has prescribed me xenical now and I'll be starting it tomorrow. I wont be able to binge then coz there will be some rather gross side effects!

Take care
Claire x
Hi all! I've had a pretty wobbly moment 2day, Im pretty ill with a cold & my totm too! Postman lovingly dropped me in 50% off Dominos Pizza vouchers this am & played on my mind all day! Was thinking shall I?! Finally managed to rein myself in as am weighing in on Tue so figure if I have had a good week I will treat myself then! So had a weight watchers lasagne with side salad which was actually good enough!! Hate the cycle of binging then worrying so hopefully I can keep this up! p.s vouchers ripped up & in the bin lol!!! Good luck all xx


cos i need this xxx
lisamac - would love to buddy with you :) i need all the support i can get! i bought book today called the beck diet solution (on xx_kelly_xx's) recommendation and so far from reading am quite impressed as its delaing with exactly my issues! fingers crossed!
i am keepig a diary in the "weight loss diaries" forum so please go look and keep me posted on how u get on - support from you all on here is so amazing at motivating me!


and leglesslisa - i have ripped up sooo many bloody dominos vouchers lol - the postman hates me and wants to laugh at my fatness i believe - i also had a moment when a pizza hut coupon leaflet was delivered addressed to "pizza lover" - the who ate all the pies chant replayed in head at that moment - blatantly cos i looove pizza i no longer even warrant a name lmao!!

cya's xx


Ugly duckling going Swan.
I'm sorry to hear you are struggling. We have all been there in the beginning with good intentions and then slipping and saying "okay I will do it tomorrow" and so on. The best advice I can give you as a starting is give yourself some time to do some research and think about what you are going to do.

Go to your doctor. The NHS provides a free counselling service for 8 weeks a time so get yourself signed up to that and look at the emotional issues behind your weight issues. You may even then get refered to a CBT therapist who will teach you new ways or thinking. Depending on who your care trust is, you may get some help with you weight loss. Some places even now offer to pay for some of your slimming club meetings in the beginning of your journey.

For some help at home, these books are best sellers:

"Only fat people skip breakfast" by Lee Janogly, designed for binge eaters and is actually a funny read.

Paul McKennas "I can make you thin". Even if you don't follow his methods, it can help you with a few techinques and comes with a CD.

"You can heal your life" by Louise L Hay. A top selling self help book with exercises to boost self confidence.

Have a look around here and see all the different plans everyone follows and exercises they do and see if any appeal. Ask questions too! This is a safe place to do such things. Good luck :fingerscrossed:


im sure with some support and the right advice bout food you will be fine hun!!

its tough to control the binges before i started w/w i could easily eat 6 packets of walkers c/o 2 choc eclaires and a chunky kitkat an hour before he got in from work then tell him i had had nothing and have a whole medium dominoes with wedges on the side

but the structure of weightwatchers has helped me to control not what i eat but how i eat
and also im learning what my body is telling me rather than what i have decided it wants

im not telling you to join w/w but using it as an example cos thats how im doing it
sorry if i sound preachy im meaning to sound supportive!!!

good luck hun were all here to help and in the same boat too


cos i need this xxx
yeah i went to w/w and loved it but i have alot of things going on and just cldnt comit to the trouble of working out points as well as the meetings - i have a 7 mnth old and a 2yr old with leukaemia and am a single mum. but i know i can do thi and just gotta get my head sorted out!

thanks :) x


Loves life
Hiya everybody,

This thread just jusmped out at me. I've jut driu k a whole bottle of champagne in less than an hour and it's al beccaause struggled to spaeak to hubby. He's in Nigeria doing voluntary work and I had problems ringing him, i jus felt a bit lonely.

He's been ther for nearly a year now so wh y I chose today to slip up don't know.

Anyway this sounds rubbish so I'd better go back to tele



cos i need this xxx
tarot woman - dont be daft! this is the place to go if you're lonely lol! and thank you very very much for my first minis tipsy comment :D
must be hard with mr away? is he away for long?
besides - at least you picked a classy drink - not many of us can binge on champagne :p


Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Haha, Tracey I love your drunken post. I totally know how you feel, I've had 5 serious relationships in my life and they've all been long distance at one time or the other. Woohoo me. That's also something I'm trying to change.

There's nothing as sucky as trying to ring your man and he won't pick up, you have no idea what's going on cos that's the only contact you have. I totally understand your situation, it's tough. Highly frustrating and it does get really lonely.

Otherwise, well done everyone for resisting the pizza urge!


love it
this jumped out at me too !! have put about a stone on sicne start of december and am just fed up with myself. Have also decided that for various reasons i am not going to jump back to dieting ( only the second week of the year and have started about 3 times only to binge) am going to try and make small changes at first just to kind ease back into it.
Thye say that loosing weight is 90% in your head anyway,not what you eat-need to get my head in the right place.

Good luck to all of us cos i'm sure we can do it,we just have to find the right way for each of us


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Aww tarotwoman - sorry to hear your struggling today! But I can see why the bubbly is so tempting. It's horrible when you're away from your other half - how long is he away for?
I'm sure one blip won't be too bad overall.


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Thanks everybody, I've just slept it off a bit and feel a bit better now.

He's been away since February last year and he's there for just over a year yet. He's only been home for 3 weeks since then.

I've been ok for most of the time but because I couldn't get him on the phone I started to think all sorts of things coz it's quite a dangerous place. He's not supposed to go out in the dark unaccompanied etc. I just managed to get him on the phone this morning so I think the binge was more relief than anything else, and it was all coz his phone was out of battery power - they only get electric occasionally.

I've just seen the pile of choccie wrappers I had at the same time - thought I'd only had a couple! I'll see what my weigh-in tomorrow brings and then back to the drawing board. I'd stuck to it until today so hopefully the damage won't be too bad and the main thing is I know he's safe now.


Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Yay, well that's a relief.

Fingers crossed for no damages done!


Loves life
Got weighed this morning and I've put a pound on. I'm quite relieved at that coz I thought it'd be a lot worse. Hopefully it'll come off quite quickly too. I thought I'd done really well not eating on Saturday when I was so worried.

Well, that's all done with now and I'm starting a freshweek determined to lose by next Monday. There is now no Champagne in the fridge so I'm back on the cheap stuff for my usual glass before my tea.