very happy but dissapointed. please help!


i have been on cd since june and today had my weigh in with my cd, the first for 3weeks coz shes been on hols, and i had lost 1stone in the 3 weeks so yes , as you can imagine i was very very happy. However my cdc didnt seem to fussed with the result.
I also handed her my cd application forms to become a cdc and she said 'oh i will fill them out sometime next week'. i was hoping for a little more encouragement from her. all the while i was talking to her and asking her questions she continued to mark up her other boxes of stock for other people and not giving me her full attention. i have been provisionally accepted on a training course in corby on oct 25 and would like to get the forms in asap but again she wasnt too fussed. could it be that she is worried that i may take customers that would usually go to her, there are no other cdcs in our close area. I am really keen to become a cdc and help others to lose the weight and keep it off and i think she can see how keen i am but shes not much help. i really want to plan this and make it work. Do you think it would be wrong for me to contact cd and ask to be sponsered by someone else who may offer support. i am unsure where i would stand. i have never been particularly pleased with my cdc and she has never been supportive to me to the standard that i expect but i have achieved the results i wanted from this weight loss plan. it has been a means to an end dealing with her. (and this may or not be important but she is infact very overweight herself) maybe i shouldnt presume but i think it is just a business venture for her as opposed to wanting to help.
all suggestions greatfully recieved.
where should i go from here?
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Hiya, I thought cdc's had to be below bmi 28? Anyway, if your not happy with her and how she will treat referring you, I think you should just call CD and ask what your options are? I'm sure a CDC will be able to tell you more, but I would imagine the more CDC's there are the better is is for the general public!! It could be that CD have dealt with other people in the past that used your CDC and can help...if its what you want then its definately worth a try...well done on getting to a point that you can and want to help other people!!
Counsellors having to have a bmi of 28 below is a fairly new thing.

With regards to another Counsellor sponsering you, I'll leave that advise to one of the counsellors. Ideally your own counsellor should sponser you, but I beleive there are exceptions to this....

well done on your weightloss so far, and all the best for the training day, whenever you get to go on it!
my cdc said that you have to be a bmi of 28 or less and she was when she passed but that was only in oct 05, i dont know what has gone wrong for her since:rolleyes: . she says that once you have trained they leave you alone and it doesnt matter.
not the right attitude me thinks!!!
Your CDC sounds like a rotten apple to me. :mad:
I'd be getting on the phone to head office and asking if you can be sponsored by someone else.. so that your commission doesn't go to this CDC.
Sorry if this sounds cruel but she's rubbish and seems to have a rubbish attitude about CD altogether.

Well done for losing a stone in 3 weeks and getting onto the CDC course. DESPITE your CDC. :D

hope some 'online' CDC's give advice soon too.
just to update

I have spoken again with my cdc and now everything seems to be on the straight and narrow again and i am alot happier now after having spoke to her. Will keep you informed of my training and progress.
Thanks all