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Very lost...

So... I dont know how many original people are left on here as its been a while since ive been on here really.

I started Lipotrim in April and was on it solid till June when i went on holiday and so came off it for that.
Once i got back.. i never really went back onto TFR solidly but watched what i ate and maintained.

I was due to go and work in florida for a year on Thursday (14th) it had been planned for the past year. But at the start of June, i got back together with an old boyfriend and our relationship has been wonderful and we are very much in love.... so when it came to Thursday I was in to much of a state to leave and decided not to go to Florida.

I have recently graduated from University so im still living student style.... so now i feel very lost, depressed and just general blah!

I am got back on solid TFR this wednesday as i want to lose at least another 2 stone but will stay on it till I get to my 11 stone target.

I know not going to florida was a bit silly but it wouldnt have benefited my career.

I just want to get a good job now, move out of this student house and start a new life so that turning down florida doesnt feel like such i big mistake...

Thank you for readin my blabber...

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I think I joined Minis juuuuussttt before you left as I remember you but you prolly don't remember me as I was a newbie :)

Wow, lots has been going on with you! Congratulations on finding happiness with your man, glad to hear that you're very much in love :)

And, well done for maintaining! I'm sure you'll sort out what you need to do and ensure that you made the right decision in staying here and not going to Florida hun.

Welcome back :)
Welcome back hun. I'm sure you have made the right decision (although with all the rain we've been having I'd gladly opt for a couple of weeks in Florida right now!!!!) Good luck with your last 2 stone and your relationship.

Thank you guys!

Ive decided its not worth waiting till Wednesday to restart.... will start TFR tomorrow and then start at the chemist on Wednesday as I still have packs left.

I have given myself goals this time which I never did last time so fingers crossed!!

Im not sure you are as lost as you might think. You are a girl who turned your life around and stuck to Lipotrim for 13 weeks. That to me is someone which huge inner strength and determination. Remember that everything happens for a reason and never regret things because they were what you wanted to do at the time. Florida will be there next year if thats what you choose to do. You are obviously a hard working and intelligent girl who is brave enough to face your fears and get on with it.Whats for you wont pass you......

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