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VERY low syn Jelly Dessert

1 sachet of hartleys sugar free jelly (I usually use orange, raspberry or strawberry)
A few tubs of fat free yoghurt in the same flavour as the jelly
Fruit - the same as the flavour of your yohurt and jelly
Pack of clear plastic disposable cups (like the little see-through ones you may get at a kiddies party)

Take one sachet of hartleys sugar free jelly crystals and make up accordng to the instructions.

Serve the jelly equally into approximately 7 of the plastic cups.

Place in the refridgerator until set.

Then, spoon out yoghurt of the same flavour evenly amongst the cups, on top of the jelly (so it looks almost like a trifle).

Then simply cut up the same fruit as the flavour yoghurt/jelly you have selected and place a piece or two on top of the yoghurt.

As an example, I used orange jelly, then spooned a pot of Activia fat free yoghurt in mandarin on top and then placed 2 small clementine segments on top of each dessert.

I also made strawberry flavour ones in the same way, except I made up some sugar free angel delight and distributed that evenly on top of the set strawberry jelly, then garnished with a slice of strawberry.

They look beautiful, are soooo simple to make and because they look and taste like real desserts, they are very satisfying :)

In one sachet of the hartleys sugar free jelly, there is 1 1/2 syns so distributed between 7 pots, they are virtually syn free (unless you ate all 7 in one go, in which case, you would have to syn them haha). The yoghurt and fruit is also free so this dessert is kind of like a guilty pleasure without the guilt :angeldevil:

As for the sugar free, strawberry angel delight, there are 10 1/2 syns when made up with semi-skimmed milk (I think) SO distributed evenly between seven pots would make it roughly 1.5 syns plus the teeny number of syns in the jelly.

Hope you try these, my kids love 'em!

Let me know how you get on and what you think if you do like them :)
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thanks for the idea! cant beleive no1's commented on here :/ x


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I do something similar to this, i make up half the jelly and pour halfway in to my glasses, with the fruit in the bottom ( again using the same flavours) and then leave to set, later make up the other half of jelly and mix the yogurt into the jelly mix ( i use the yogurt as the cold water element of the mix) then top the glasses and set. i then put some light squirt cream on the top too :) yum and virtually syn free
haha, I know!!! It's so simple and honestly, these little things really hit the spot, I espesh love the orange flavour ones!! =D

Honey, that sounds delicios, shall deffo be giving that a whirl too, thank you =D x
This sounds delicious!
do u think u could use weight watchers desert whip on top of them instead of the angel delight stuff? then it would work out as even less syns cos i think the ww thingys are like 1 1/2 syns or something?


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Sounds lovely, i do something similar

Make up the strawberry jelly (no sugar hartelys) but instead of adding the cold water i add some free yoghurt (onken strawberry or WW one is lovely). Mix it up and let it set on its own or with a few sponge fingers. Tastes really nice :)
Yes I make a similar one with the S F jelly made up to 1/4 pint, let it cool, then mix with 500gr fromage frais. It whips up into a fruity mousse, very nice. Can imagine with sponge fingers it would be lush!
Erm I think thats what I do. I just make up 1/4 pint with boiling water, then when its cool add it to the from frais and whisk. Delish, ooh so hungry now!!! I keep a bowl in the fridge to dip into when I have the munchies.
just made the orange jelly with mandarin mullerlight an it was lovely! im waiting 4 the strawberry one to set now, put them in little dishes and gona put some light whipped cream on top and have 2 later! works out at about 3 syns to be safe :)
Oooooh this all sounds loverly! Some nice variations! Especially like the look of the fruity mousse! I am literally off to try that now =) juicygoose face, I think if WW whip is fewer syns, go for it, would be more or less the same taste I would have thought. Thanks girls =D
woo yay think i will try the ww desert tonight :) xxx
My desserts aren't set yet (I've tried the fruit mousse things) but had a sneaky finger-dip before and YUM - deff a new fave in our house!! My kids love their strawberry jelly with sugar free angel delight on top - it's great when you find recipes that the whole family can enjoy =D x
I make these all the time, I make the sugar free jelly as directed and just leave to cool. When cool I stir in a fruit flavoured muller light and put in fridge to set.

My fave is orange jelly with mandarin muller light
I make these all the time, I make the sugar free jelly as directed and just leave to cool. When cool I stir in a fruit flavoured muller light and put in fridge to set.

My fave is orange jelly with mandarin muller light
My fave is the orange one like <3 yum yum :)
ive just made the orange ones! used mandarin mullerlight, orange jelly and poured it over so segments of clemetines i cant wait 2 munch them! gona have some light cream on top too. i wanted 2 do the strawberry ones with the ww desert stuff but didnt have any strawberry jelly left:(

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