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Very nervous


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Hi all

I doubt any of you will remember me, but I was here 3 years ago losing 4 stones.

You all know what I'm about to say, and you're all right - I've put almost all of it back on again. What a moron, right?!!

So, I've decided to give it another go; to stick with it religiously as I did first time, but to come down through maintenance as I DIDN'T do first time!

I sound confident. I'm not. I'm sh*tting bricks, as they say round here, but I am determined and I just know that you guys were a huge help to me before so I will definitely be drawing support from this site this time....and hopefully giving a little back too when I can :)

So, roll on Tuesday....and the rest of my life :eek:

Ta for listening.

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Welcome back. We've all done it but you are back.

I lost 5 st with CD and started WW even heavier. But I've now lost 3 st and won't make the mistake again.

Good luck

Irene xx


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Thanks, Irene, and good luck to you too with the last bit you've got to lose.

Lesley x

PS. You have very beautiful grandbabies.
Good luck Tinsley
No-one will judge you here. We have all been there, including me!!
But we are back to learn from our mistakes.

Well done for getting back on top of it.


Rosie x
Welcome back and Well Done for coming back!

Don't beat yourself up. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt...:eek:

Everyone really friendly on this forum... I already feel like part of the furniture!

Here's to reaching all our goals! :)



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Hi Lesley and welcome back, you know you are in the right place for help and support. No point looking back at the what ifs and maybes, you know you can do it hun x x


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Thanks guys

I've just picked up my goodies for the next 2 weeks and am raring to go, so fingers crossed....


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Hi Lesley - been there! At least now you know where the danger lies and you've made that hard-learned progress, so when you lose it this time, it's going to be for good! Maybe we all have to go through that painful rite of passage to kick the habit once and for all!

Best of possible luck in getting where you want to be - just try to be kind to yourself while you're doing it and take care of you!


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Thanks, Iris, for your kind words.

Day 4 today and nicely in ketosis. Four people leaving from work today so a big buffet laid on. Nightmare, but I managed to avoid the glares by nibbling on a piece of jerk chicken and half a cup of sparkling water. Very proud of myself, especially as I went straight from there to Sainsbury's to do the weekly shop!! I think I must really be in the zone. Hope the weekend isn't too difficult *eek*
1st weight in today - two weeks in to diet.

SS'd all the way except for yesterday when I had 2 slices of lamb and 6 green beans as family were over for Sunday dinner, and they don't know I'm doing this diet. I know I shouldn't have done it, but I'm quite pleased with what I did. I actually put a full dinner on my plate, albeit half the size I normally do, then pushed it around and nibbled at the lamb and beans, and that was it!! I am so amazed that I wasn't even tempted to eat any more than that (well, the roast spuds were a bit tempting) and that I didn't scoff the lot and then look for seconds! Hot fudge pudding for desert and I didn't even dip my finger in the warm chocolate sauce!

I feel well in the zone at the moment, and just hope that I have a fairly decent loss to show for it (around 7lb I'm hoping for). My only problem so far is water - the usual story! I'm fine at work but weekends I'm usually rushing about houseworking or out and about and forget to drink. I'm determined to sort this out though and start carrying small bottles around with me.

Wish me luck at the WI please.

YAY 12lb gone! I'm over the moon!

I can see that this thread isn't of any particular interest to anyone but me, and that's just fine by me! Good job really, innit? :sad0071:

Instead I'm going to use it as my own personal blow-my-own-trumpet place, and that's exactly what I'm doing, coz I deserve it......even if it's only me that thinks so.

YAY - go me!!! :D :D :D :D
I was so excited (and surprised) by yesterday's weight loss that I decided to measure my waist this morning. I wasn't going to until I had done a month so that I wasn't too disappointed, but.... Anyway, it appears I've lost 3" off it in 2 weeks. Now that can't be right, surely? Mind you, my first measurements were done at night, so maybe that's it. I'll try again this evening for a truer reading. Hmmm wish I hadn't just thought of that now :(
Struggling to remember to eat. Most days I end up having to eat my last 2 meals within an hour of each other. One day I must have only had 2 packs as I had one left when I went for my weigh in, and I shouldnt have. When I did the diet before I used to lay each day's packs out on the kitchen worktop so that I knew what I'd got to eat, but now not all the family know I'm doing this so I can't do that. I am going to try setting alarms on my phone this week and see if that works, and trawl this site to see if anyone else has the problem and strategies to deal with it. I can't be the only one experiencing this.......can I?
I've had a stonking headache and have felt hungry all day. Very confused. ketosis has been constant for last 2 weeks so it can't be that. Perhaps it's nothing to do with the diet at all - I tend to attribute every little difference in my body to the fact that I'm SSing, when I could just have a cold, or the measles, or summink lol!

Serena A

Can't think of a title

Just wanted to say well done for getting back into it. It can feel so daunting to restart...I've been there enough times myself! You seem to be doing really well though. Hope the headache and hunger go for you soon - we all get headachey/hungry days even when eating normally (or even when stuffing our faces!) so it's not necessarily anything to do with CD. Hang in there - you're doing really well. As for remembering to eat, maybe if you vary things a little with bars or mix-a-mousse etc then you might find it easier to get through all your packs.

Good luck :)
Ah thanks Serina. I actually really like the packs I've got so it's not that - I think its just that I'm quite busy at work and don't feel hungry so there is no trigger to tell me to stop working and have something to eat. I think I've got it sorted now though, so have only had that one day where I actually forgot to eat.....and I'm putting that down to old age and 'Menopause Moments' :D
Oh no, I've broken my foot. Slipped on some water left by the cleaners at work this morning and now in plaster and off work for at least 6 weeks. Hope I can keep up the diet (more especially the water) for the next few days while I have to keep it elevated higher than my heart. Hubby has been good so far but he has to go back to work tomorrow. I think I will have 1 bar and 2 tetras each day for a while (I'm pretty sure I'm allowed 2 tetras) then I wont have to worry about making up the shakes. Bugger!

Serena A

Can't think of a title
Oh blimey Tinley - ouch! Hope you are not in too much pain.

I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but I am fairly sure that you cannot do SS with a broken bone as you need to give your body enough food to heal itself. Speak to your CDC - you don't want to run the risk of permanent damage for the sake of a few short weeks out of the rest of your soon-to-be-slim life ;)

Get well soon x
Oh no, is that true? I hadn't even thought about that. I guess I'll have to give my CDC a ring and check it out with her - I can hardly hide it from her since my next weight in is due in 10 days! Oh arse!!!

Thanks for the heads-up, Serina
Ok, it's true. I can't do any CD programmes until it is fully healed and the plaster is off. I feel so unhappy about this. I've been crying on and off all afternoon as I just know I won't be able to get back on SS again then - I know what I'm like and how long it has taken me to psych myself up this time. I wish I hadn't said anything to anyone and just carried on, but then i also know that if I'd done that it would probably have taken twice as long for the break to heal. Absolutely gutted!

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