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Very quite forum this week :(



Team FFF!!!
I've gone back to work this week after the Easter hols so have had a bit of a manic one, especially as we had to exclude a child and send home a letter to all the parents about the kids behavious, I get pounced on everytime I step out the door about it lol

Oh well, the joys of childcare:D

Diet wise, I lost a good amount this week so i'm quite pleased.

oohh, spiderman will be going in the post today btw;)
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I know! I have actually had to do work this week, how rude! LOL
Good point Ruthy, It's really quiet....... I'm off to a wedding all weekend so I won't be mouthing off anywhere either, hehe.
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend xx


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Ellllooooo!!! I have my hubby back now, it's great. Had a marathon weekend to actually pick him up then this week it's been back to school for the kids.

I am off on a weeks hols tomorrow so won't be about for a while, hope you are all ok and doing really well. Keep it up girlies!! Speak to you all soon, and thanks for the rep Ruthy :)
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Bumpy have a LOVERLY holiday!!!!! I know you must be thrilled to have hubby home

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Ohhhh can I just jump in here and say the same. I've had a couple of rep comments too but didnt like to say thanks on the original thread, where the comment was, because I didnt want to hijack it. (does that make sense???) anyway I'm saying my thanks here!

So thanks :D
I leave my name on every rep i send, AND! it wont let me send anymore, it says i need to leave it 24hrs, how generous am i eh?

I have really missed everyone having a good banter!

Thanks MRSB for the message about the spiderman suit, my little boy will be soooooo happy! thanks hun.

Bumpy0 I guessed you were kinda busy with hubby home! hope you have a fantastic holiday we will miss you! and hey! dont do anything i wouldnt do !;)

Lousie you have a fab weekend aswel! hope your elbow is much better!

Take care everyone

Ruthy xxx
Oooooooooo Sorry Steph, How Dare Your Work Take You Away From Us Lol!
Ruthy Xxx


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S: 13st7lb C: 11st12lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 1st9lb(12.17%)
To late Ruthy already done it!! Ssshhhhhh don't tell anyone though :)
You enjoy hunny pmsl! i think you have waited long enough!

You little minx you!..........did he notice how much weight you lost?



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I've been back at work this week after the Easter Break - the kids in my class were all hyper after the hol, so have spent the week trying to get them back into a routine!! xxx


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Hey if you think this is quiet you should have been here on the run up to xmas. I was the only person posting on here. I would post my weigh in results then the next week when I came to put in my weigh in results It said I was the last person to post anything on the SW forum. I had to resort to talking to my little old self, lol.
Ah well you wont be on yer own this year cause ill be here still on the diet, as i dont think ill realistically lose 4st by december !!

Ruthy xxx


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I will be here! I've been here all week and yes it has been quiet. Thanks for all the Rep guys x
Hi guys,ive been full of a cold all wk,couldnt be bothered doing anything including the diet,i was meant to get weighed on thursday but i never went.My mood has been that low i packed the whole thing in and said i was never going again ,anyway ive changed my mind again and im back feeling positive again,so i will be bk in class next wk.
take care .luv kat

Thought you had been quiet! sorry to hear you have been feeling poo, but im also happy to hear that your feeling more positive!

Whats been wrong hun? Hope you are ok, keep that chin up and stay focused my lovely.

Ruthy xxx
Hiya ruthy thanks for that hun.I get tired alot off the medication and the whole willpower thing goes out the window,and i eat like a pig,Anyway ive been to the gym today ,feeling good again,think i just have to listen to my body (maybe not to much eh,its always telly me to eat,hehe)and rest alittle more,maybe have a kip while my sons at school.
take care u and keep up the good work ,your doing really well,
luv kat.xx

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