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Very slow transition... help.

Hello all,

Well I did my official weigh in last night and was dismayed to find that I have only lost 1lb in 10 days...

don't get me wrong - I love the atkins WOE and have not felt so in control of my food for a long time. My need to binge has gone away, I can say no to any food and I am enjoying everything I eat without thinking "why can't I have what everyone else is having?" which is how I felt on LL all the time!

But still - that is a very slow weight loss. I have been eating on or damn near(just under) 20g of carbs a day and drinking loads and loads of water - (at least 3 litres). Do you think it is just because I swapped straight over from abstinence and my metabolism hasn't caught up with me yet - or should I drop my carbs a bit to see if I can get the ball rolling?

Many thanks for any input you can give me

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I think this always happens with the first week on Atkins. When you SS you have no food whatsoever in your gut....you now do and obviously this does weigh something. I bet next week you'll have a good loss...keep drinking the water hun.xx


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Sure the scales will start moving soon, keep up with it, it does work and fingers crossed for a good week's loss next week when your body has caught up with you..
Hi and thanks for the replies guys...

I fully intend to keep on with Atkins regardless of whether the weight loss is slow or not. I have now been doing it for 16 days and only lost 3lb in total. I am hoping that as soon as my body has worked out what is going on it will start letting more weight go and I should lose a bit faster....
Serves me right really for messing around so much with bingeing and starving and hopping on and off foodpacks at every opportunity.. it is no wonder my poor body is confused!

Thanks for the support and I hope you are both doing well.


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Are you eating flaxseed or the atkins bars, as when i was eating these my weight loss was only 1lb a week until i stopped them both.

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hey laura, can i ask how much water you are drinking i find i need to drink tonnes else it really effects my losses also same as bd said atkins bars and flaxseed or soy flour really slow me down, stay positive and keep going x x


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how are you doing Laura?

sue xx
Hi Sue

I am afraid that Atkins just doesn't seem to want to be my friend. In the past week I have put on weight every single day. Now that it has reached 6lbs on.... I can't risk it any longer so I am moving off Atkins and settling for good old fashioned "healthy eating". I am gutted because I really thought that this was the programme for me and I felt so in control, but I can't allow myself to gain weight no matter how "comfortable" I may feel.

I have no explanation as to what is happening, I gave Atkins induction a good 3-4 weeks and although I was definitely in the pink (been testing with Ketostix the whole time) nothing seemed to be coming off on the scales and in the past week, I could feel the weight piling on. Trousers that were loose are now tight, and I feel very bloated and uncomfortable so here I go again bouncing from programme to programme. I should really learn my lesson that there is no magic cure out there and just stick with the salad!!!
The annoying thing is my sister and her partner have both started Atkins and both are losing really well and doing nothing different to me at all????????????!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck to those it is working for
Love Laura


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S: 13st3.0lb C: 11st9.0lb G: 10st7.0lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st8lb(11.89%)
oh laura, sorry atkins hasnt worked out for you, maybe slimming world is worth a look.

In desperation I'm day 2 of ss(ing), god its soooo hard, I have to lose this stone before my sis wedding, I bought a beautiful dress stoopidly that was an inch too small round the boobies as an inspiration to slim down into it, that was 3 weeks and I'm still faffing about!, so its now or never!

good luck laura, keep us posted on what you decide.

sue xx
Hi Dancing - yes I have been measuring and unfortunately the tape was moving in the same direction the scales were.... ie. UP!!!

Been trying to just "healthy eat" but this happened to co-incide with my best friends Hen-party weekend so currently avoiding the scales for fear of imminent suicide when I see the damage!

Hope you are all doing well
Take care

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