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Very unsupportive partner :(

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Hi guys,

I really want to start Lipotrim this week and have talked it all through with my partner. He is very unsupportive of my decision and has said that I'm just looking for an easy way out, that this diet is 'cheatng' and that I'm lazy and stupid for not opting to just follow healthy eating and exercise :(

If it was that simple for me I wouldn't be in this position in the first place.

He's told me that this diet will make me sick and mess up my digestive system, and that when I start complaining about headaches, tummy cramps etc he's just going to say 'I told you so'.

I'm feeling so down and demotivated and I haven't even started yet :(

Anyone else face such negativity when telling loved ones that you plan to follow Lipotrim?
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why is he saying all this ? The diet is a hard diet which gives fast results , i would not let him know if you are having a headache or anything . you must do what you want to do . keep postive , and take no notice of him , how are you ?
Gosh thats rubbish.... Do it for yourself ... Once you start losing weight and gaining confidence he will soon change his opinion.... If you don't ask for his support or Include him he will soon miss it and then start being more supportive I'm sure... Good luck :) x
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Snap! exactly the same here - all you can do is dig your heels in if this is what you really want and are going to be 100% committed and sod him! you're doing this for you first and foremost so **** the naysayers!
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Sorry to hear your partner is so unsupportive. Mine has been great so far , being a bloke work colleagues are more tough as they tend to take the mic more.


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Sorry to hear that your partner is not being more supportive. My sisters think I am mad but I want to see some fast results to spur me on, I have already lost two stone but it took almost two years. :cry:My biggest problem is that I just love food. Thankfully my fiance is being supportive although I think he is coming home with chips tonight :(. I wish you every success with it. I am planning to feel a million dollars when I walk up the aisle next year, I want everyone to say she looks amazing and mean it!! ;)
Once you start at least you will have everyone on here for support!!

Jessie 888

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You poor soul! How did you end up with such a smug, negative, vindictive prat! Maybe that's a bit harsh, maybe he's a lovely guy who is just worried about you?? :rolleyes:
You will succeed on LT in spite of him and when you get more slim and confident you won't worry so much about his opinion. If he can't support you then we definitely can so give it a go, babe!

Cham Pers

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It makes me laugh to hear them say alot about something they know absolutely nothing about! Jusy crack on with it and get losing some weight. The first week you will lose loads and that will motivate you enough to tolerate negative remarks from other people! Good luck :)


Sensibly losing :)
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Aw I agree with everything already said.. including the prat part LOL! You dont want to stay fat, you have made the decision, and as you say its what got you here in the first place... yes some CAN follow the sensible route.. others cant.. and each to their own. I wanted a qucker fix, as do most... I have also been much much heavier. You have to do it for YOU and nobody else. You wont need his support.. just dont tell him when you feel rough for the first few days.. come on here and speak to us.. this forum is a lifeline for me and loads of others, as you will see. When the weight starts dropping off if will spur you on to continue... the trouble is that most dont understand this diet until they read about it PROPERLY or they are o it annd learn from here... it has a bad name. Crash diets are known for being bad and the facts arre few n far between... maybe take him with you to see your GP/chemist and rest his mind a little?? Then if hes still being a prat let him sulk and drink ya milkshakes and let him cook for himself! :) xx
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Sorry to say this bluntly, but if someone truly loves another, they should be supportive in every step of this journey.
With a bit of research he would know this diet is safe and its the entry point of a healthier and happier lifestyle.
Its in no way cheating, but rather making you lose weight and paving your life for different eating habits.

Take this diet as the kickstart, because when you are roughly mid journey of your goal, you will realise that you can then make the necessary adjustments to achieve the same results in a more conventional way. I.E. Eating more sensibly and doing more exercise.

Wish you all the best and hope he changes his attitude, as its not a good one for sure.
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Thanks so much for all your really kind replies, this forum is amazing and you're all lovely. I'm feeling much more positive now than I was earlier, you're all right, I don't NEED his support and I'll do it for myself. And yes he can be such a prat sometimes lol.

I went to the pharmacy this afternoon, but the pharmacist that deals with Lipotrim isn't there till tomorrow, so they gave me the forms to fill out tonight and told me to go back in tomorrow. So all being well I'll pick up the shakes after work tomorrow and will be started on the diet Tuesday!


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glad to hear that you are starting! I am nearing the end of day one....hungry now but know it will all be with it!!


Sensibly losing :)
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Good for you! This diet is tough at times but COMPLETELY empowering!! After 3 days I literally bounced through life, on such a high... its changed me as a person already. With each one of my 22lbs went a little bit of the old me.... very hard to explain and deep but SO true! I rekon when I am slim I may have a bottle of voddie one night and try and get to the bottom of it through the beer googles!! ;)

Good luck, my tips would be invest in some straws, some tablet sweeteners & a blender. The shakes can be yum! Avoid all Flapjacks and soup.. the odd few seem to like them but I chose them and had to miss a 'meal' when they went in the bin!!! LOL! oh and MEASURE YOURSELF!! i never got round to it and I regret it so much! Some weeks you lose many inches but not much on the scales :)

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this is in no way any easy way its bloody hard work but oh so worth it. Try getting him to watch the video on the liportrim site so he can see its safe and how it works then maybe he'll change his mind? either way sod him you've got us for support anyway!!!!! big hugs xx


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Ohhhh read my thread 'why is my OH such a d***'

Seriously, F him. Might not be what you wanna hear but honestly, im sat here now, my OH is pigging out (carb overload) and im laughing, ive got 2 more shakes to have today and its midnight - how I dont know but I really just think F off to him. My OH is very unsupportive cause I kept cracking on the diet, and falling off it. But im going to bed soon, to say bye to day6 and hello day7! You can do it for yourself, keep smiling xxxx


Strong women stay slim
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yes , do it for you xx


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hiya! just thought i would throw in my bit..... yep maybe your partner is worried about you but shame he is displaying his concern in such a negative fashion.... but here's the thing... you have to do this for you and if he's still unsupportive you have to explain to him that this is for you, for your health and state of mind and you would appreciate his support.... it's up to him then what road he chooses..... thing is when you're all skinnyminny and lookin fab and feelin positive and he's reaping the benefits (after dark....!!) well he won't be complainin then??!!!!!!!!!! good luck girl and stay strong!!!
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I think he would like you to be fat, he is obviously worried that when you are slim and beautiful other men will show interest and you might run off and leave him for someone a bit more supportive!! he is probably worried xx


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When I first mentioned doing this, my OH was worried that I'd be sick etc. I got the DVD and got him to sit through it and it did alleviate some of his worry. He didn't try to stop me doing it and he was great as I started loosing weight.
My OH is quite a tactless individual and usually engages his tongue way ahead of his brain - its probably the one thing we really argue about. He's gotten much better over the years as I've explained that whether he means it or not, once its said, its said. While he didn't say anything hugely negative about LT, I could just hear him saying half what your did - and actually not really meaning it and he'd be horrified later at how much he'd have hurt me.
He's always been supportive of LT insofar as he doesn't criticise me for doing it. He cooks for himself, always has and at times I do feel like crying at the lovely smells. But I do know he has to live his life too and he can't deprive himself just for me.
He understands I have to do this for myself and that nothing much else seems to work for me.
I think you have to decide how much support your partner is able to give you and find the strength within yourself to live with that and work with that. Best of luck with it.

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