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  1. Vezza

    Vezza Member

    Hi! I am starting weight watchers again today and determined to lose all the weight this time ready for my dream holiday to Mexico in May. I am starting a food diary online to help with motivation and commitment and hopefully help others with recipes ideas and also get a little support with from others following the plan. :)

    Will post my food dairy in the evenings as a distraction from eating nibbles out the cupboard, ha ha!

    Good luck everyone :p

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  3. Vezza

    Vezza Member

    Had a pretty good day today, been my day off so had plenty of time to plan, even made tomorrow's tea ready for tomorrow when I get in from work :D

    • 4x Crispbreads 2pp
    • 2x laughing cow light 1pp
    • Homemade Bacon & Mushroom Quiche 6pp
    • Heniz Weight Watchers Soup 2pp
    • 1x Slice of bread 2pp
    • ASD
    • A Chicken with a mushroom and cheese sauce 1/2 pack 7pp
    • Brocolli, Cauliflower, Carrot & Swede 0pp
    • 200g, boiled potatoes then roasted in frylight
    • 1 Large mushroom topped with 10g of cheddar 1pp
    • 2x WW Chocolate mini bites 2pp
    • Alidi Crinkles bakes 2pp
    • WW Chilli Flavour Tortilla Snacks 2pp
    Total of 31/31.
  4. Vezza

    Vezza Member

    Hey! Pretty good day today, although I am having every single point and feeling very full.

    • Muller Light 3pp
    • Banana 0pp
    • Milk 1pp
    • Salad Vegetables 0pp
    • Homemade Quiche 6pp
    • Coleslaw 2pp
    • Salad Cream 1pp
    • Grapes 0pp
    • Homemade Cottage Pie 9pp
    • Swede, Cauliflower & Brocolli 0pp
    • Gravy 1pp
    • Garden Peas 1pp
    • 4 Crispbreads 2pp
    • 2 Laughing Cow Light 1pp
    • 1 Weight Watchers Choc mini bite 1pp
    • Bobby's Spirals 3pp
    Total: 31/31 :)
  5. kezzalicious30

    kezzalicious30 Kerry's pregnancy diary

    Hey welcome to mini mins! That's what ur points are there for, it's good ur feeling full! Means ur making the right choices :) xx
  6. Vezza

    Vezza Member

    Hey thanks! :)

    Had abit of a rubbish day today, which you can probably tell when reading my food diary, however I have just managed to stay within my pp allowance, gonna have to buzz off to bed after this so as not to eat anymore!

    • Banana 0pp
    • Milk 1pp
    • Tortilla Wrap (large) 5pp
    • Chicken Breast Pieces 3pp
    • Extra Light Mayo 1pp
    • Mixed Salad 0pp
    • Beetroot Salad 1pp
    • WW Chocolate Mini Bite
    • 3 Bacon medalions 2pp
    • 1 WW Sausage 1pp
    • 3tbsp Baked Beans 2pp
    • 2 Potato Waffles 6pp
    • Chocolate Eclair 8pp
    Total 31/31 :eek:
  7. Vezza

    Vezza Member

    Hey Guys! Sorry didn't get chance to update yesterday had busy day! Last night was also my first weigh in and I lost 6lbs! :) Really pleased, its the most I have ever lost in a week! My Dailys have reduced to 30 now.

    Quaker Oats So Simple Original Sachet 3pp
    Milk Skimmed, 3pp

    Mushroom Omelette 6pp
    Coleslaw Reduced Calorie 2pp
    Mixed Salad Vegetables 0pp
    Apple 0pp

    2 Small Medium Sliced Wholemeal Bread 3pp
    1 Slice Ham 1pp
    Flora Light 2pp
    Bobby Spirals x3 9pp


    Milk 1pp

    WW from Heinz Carrot & Lentil Soup 2pp
    3 Ryvita Rye Sesame Crispbread 3pp
    Philadelphia Light 2pp
    Kiwi Fruit 0pp
    WW Chocolate Mini Bite 1pp

    1 Slice Wholemeal Bread 2pp
    4 Fishfingers 12pp (Didn't point up till afterwards, big mistake!)

    Sweet & Sour Chicken 6pp
    Curry Sauce (1tbsp) 1pp
    Chicken Chow Mein (Need to dig out eating out guide for this but I remember it being one of the lowest dishes from the chinese??) ??pp

    + Whatever the pp is for the chow mein which I will take from my weeklies :eek:
  8. MrsPayne212

    MrsPayne212 Gold Member

    hi there! congrats on your weight loss :).. your food diary looks really nice, i find it hard to use all of my points in a day, but usually have something really small for lunch.. i should probably start having a sandwich or something lol. good luck this week :)
  9. Mrsm79

    Mrsm79 Doing it this time!

    Hiya, subscribing :)

  10. Vezza

    Vezza Member

    Hey! Sorry about the delay was abit of a hectic weekend! Ended up using all my weeklies Saturday and Sunday plus a little bit more! Had a night on the town with the girlies Saturday which involved lots of wine and some chips on the way home :-/ and then I had friends round Sunday for lunch, of which the lunch was low in points but the pud and bottle of wine wasn't! Anyway, back to it today and am on nights so will power needed! Hope everyone had a gd weekend!

    Monday Food Diary

    2 Slices warburtons wholemeal bread (400g loaf) 3pp
    Mushrooms & 1 boiled potato cooked in frylight 1pp
    Chopped tomatoes 0pp

    Bread roll 7pp
    Chicken wafer thin 1pp

    Chicken grilled 6pp
    Nando's tomato and basil marinade 1pp
    Salad 0pp
    Coleslaw 3pp
    100g potatoes boiled 2pp

    Grapes 0pp
    King prawns 75g 2pp
    Monster Munch 4pp

  11. MrsPayne212

    MrsPayne212 Gold Member

    hey there! at least it sounds like you had a good time, never feel bad for enjoying yourself once in a while :). working nights can be a bit irritating, but if you keep your head focused you can do it! :)
  12. Vezza

    Vezza Member

    On crappy nights again and feeling very tired! Just need to keep off the biscuits!

    Tuesday's Food Diary

    4x crackerbread 2pp
    2x Laughing cow triangles light 1p
    Milk (allowance for the day) 3pp

    4x cream crackers 4pp
    17g cheese spread 2pp

    Tortilla wrap 5pp
    75g king prawns 2pp
    Lettuce 0pp
    Extra light Mayo 1pp
    Grapes 0pp

    Skips 3pp
    Meatball 2pp
    French fries 3pp
    Banana 0pp

    Total 28/30
  13. Mrsm79

    Mrsm79 Doing it this time!

    Hey Vezza, were your skips and French fries from a multi pack? Coz if they were they are 2pp each :)

  14. Vezza

    Vezza Member

    Afraid not, we have boxes delivered to work.
    Let myself down on nights last night and headed for the biscuits and bread so now am awake I only actually have 1 point left for the rest of the day and it's weigh in tomo! Help! X
  15. MrsPayne212

    MrsPayne212 Gold Member

    dont forget that fruit and veg are free! dont starve cause you think you have to! lol hope things go good. good luck on your weigh in :)
  16. Vezza

    Vezza Member

    Wednesday Food Diary

    Rice Crispies 25g 3pp
    Milk Skimmed 142ml 1pp

    WW from Heniz Chilli & Wedges 6pp
    WW Dessert Yogurt 1pp
    2 Cream Crackers 2pp
    Cheese Spread 17g 1pp

    Homepride Pasta Bake 16pp

    Cadbury Chocolate Finger 1pp
    2 Jammy Dodgers 5pp
    1 Slice Wholemeal Bread 2pp
    Flora Light 3pp
    Bread Roll 4pp

    Total: 45/30 No Weeklies left!
    Bad day, ended up eating all my points on my night shift and had nothing left when I woke up for tea, so ended up having the pasta bake :(

    Thursday Food Diary

    Oats So Simple Original 3pp
    160ml Skimmed Milk 1pp

    2 Slices Warburtions Wholemeal (400g) loaf 3pp
    1 Slice Ham 1pp

    Pizza (Yuk!!)

    WW Vanilla and Choc biscuit bar 2pp (New from meeting)

    Was weigh in tonight and lost a 1lb which makes it 7lbs in 2 weeks so happy with that. I treated myself to a frozen pizza after weigh in and it was yuk! Wont be doing that again! Really pleased with the 1lb loss struggled like hell on nights. Think I need to save my weeklies for when I know I am working nights to get me through!
    Tried aqua zumba today which was great. The OH treated me to a spa day with my sister and we both had a facial and massage and then did the class, really enjoyed it. Really need to start a regular zumba class just hard when working 12 hour shifts.
    Anyways, hope everyone is having a good week. So good to hear about everyones journeys ups and downs :eek:
  17. MrsPayne212

    MrsPayne212 Gold Member

    Sry to hear its been a struggle on nights.. but congrats on the loss :D.. and good to hear you are in good spirits :).. I do zumba on the wii, its really fun and I can do the different difficulties and anywhere from a 5 min song to a 20-45-60 min routine... I'm not up to the longer ones yet the lower ones already give me an insane workout lol
  18. Mrsm79

    Mrsm79 Doing it this time!

    Well done on your loss :)

  19. Vezza

    Vezza Member

    I dont have a wii altho the OH has a x box and was thinking of gettin a kinect, do you know if they do zumba for that? x
  20. MrsPayne212

    MrsPayne212 Gold Member

    Yea they also have lots of other fitness games and dance games that are lots of fun.. we had one for a couple days but didn't have enough room to use it, but apparently they are releasing an accessory that helps with that :( too bad we sold ours :(
  21. Vezza

    Vezza Member

    Fridays Food Diary

    WW yogurt 1pp

    Tesco lighter choices paella 10pp
    WW Choc mini bite 1pp

    Extra lean mine 150g 7pp
    ASDA good for you bolognese sauce 1pp
    Spaghetti 150g 4pp

    Crisps 5pp
    2 x WW Choco bite 2pp
    Burger 16pp (rough idea)

    Totals: 30/30

    Not a bad day really, went to the goose fair tonight so had to have a burger, took it from my weeklies and seeing as am working all weekend I won't get to use them on alcohol! Ha! Hoping for a 1.5lb loss this week! Fingers crossed!

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