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  1. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

    I know there have been some posts about vibration plates. There is one on Today's Special Value on QVC for £103, two interest free payments of about £51 if anyone is interested.

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  3. Carolanski

    Carolanski Back to it!

    Are they really any good? I have to admit that I'm tempted - as it does seem a "lazy" way to do exercise which suits me!!!!! However now I'm back at the gym and enjoying it (never thought I'd say that!) I'm not sure whether I would use it. Also if its only 100 squid how will it compare to the pro ones that cost thousands - are there any details on what frequency it vibrates and what distance in mm etc? I think that makes a difference to its performance.

    Is any else thinking about it?

    Carol x

    PS I'm loving all your new photos - you now look like your own younger skinnier sister!!!
  4. Shiny

    Shiny Full Member

    I've got one. It cost the best part of £1000 and is massive. the ones they sell cheap are no good, as they do not vibrate enough and the base plate that you stand/sit on isn't wide enough. That's what makes the difference supposedly. I'm not sure how effective it is, cos the weight has been coming off because of the diet, don't feel much more toned though. However when I'm on it I do feel a bit of a burn in my muscles when I'm holding the positions. Some gyms have them, and there are power plate studios opening up in most cities. Interestingly we saw the personal trainer Matt Roberts at the vitality show (just after I'd bought it) and he said that they were a waste of time unless you are rehabilitating or seriously overweight, and even then, they don't deliver the 400+ calorie per hour loss that they promise, more like 50-100! I was gutted! Anything for a quick fix, lol!

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