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Vibro Plate

Hey people!
I just want to share a little bit of advise!
Last year I went from 19st to 10st 7bls - I've since put alot back on so I'm back on LT,
when I lost all the weight my skin was left saggy and horrible and I was only 20, I started doing Vibro Plates and within about 3weeks It was as if I'm been thin and toned my whole life, no jiggle, sag or celulite!
So for those of you aiming to lost 4st or more I would strongly asvise Vibroing your way toned!!

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oo good advice... im only in my 20's so hopefully this'll work for me:)
Oh it will I promise!
My mam is 56 and because of them she has the figure of a 30 year old!!
how long did you go on them for..ie number of sessions, minutes, times a week?!
Hellooo :D

Ohhhh ive heard about this!!!

Im finding it hard to stick to the exercises ive been doing lately :copon:

Ive got a new job, hectic schedule so feeling bloomin knackered at the end of each day :sigh: so if this doesnt take up too much time then perhaps its a good idea??

How much does it actually cost to do??


Lei xxx
So glad you posted my friend is opening a vibro plate studio in the next few weeks i was thinking of starting now i no i will thanks


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They've got a power plate machine at my Gym, so I'll be having some of that! Woohoo! :D


I will be skinny again!!!
My friend has one of these, gonna use it next week I think :D


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Hi,they have one at my gym.Is it were you stand and do different poses for 30-60 odd seconds?
I love it.I feel that more than my 2 hour gym session lol



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Oooh, I was going to post about this today!!

I had my 2nd session today, really funny!! I knew I had wobbly bits but wow!! Ha ha ha ha!! I bought a 12 session package for €40, it was on special, not sure what it will be at normal price and I will update you on my progress!!


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Sounds great! Hadnt heard of it before...I tried googkng where I live and even the town nearerst, but no luck.....

Any one near Manchester, High Peak or even Altrincham who knows where I could go to classes?



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The ones I use are ten min sessions (apparently equivalent to 1 hour in the gym) in a booth which is also used for tanning. I dont use the tanning side of it (might do at a later date). You might find a local salon does them... Or can advise where they might be... Not totally convinced they work but thought €40 for 120 mins pf peace and quiet, no kids, was worth paying for! LOL


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You literally stand on a metal plate that vibrates like mad for 10mins and all the wobbly bits join in.... I think its great fun!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Whats the longest your allowed to stand on it at any one time?


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ha just been talking about this on another thread. I am going to hire one for 50 pounds for the month, to see if I tone up after my weight loss, will start when I get paid at the end of the month. I intend to measure myself so I will let you know how I get on.


I will be skinny again!!!
ooh.. so a power plate is the same thing?

Here 50 isnt bad at all!
thats really interesting. I am 40 and have been tubby for the last 16 yrs. although the weight is coming off my tum and thighs are a bit pitted (say what you like about the fat, at least it was smooth and bouncy!) there is a sunbeddy place near work that does these plates so I must nip in and investigate. if its as good as you say bikini here I come!!! (just joking:D)


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my salon gave me a free trial on top of the offer price so I should get 13 sessions for my €40. I am going to go daily (except Sunday when they are shut) until I go to the UK on the 2nd July..... only a 11 more days now. I've got a primary school reunion on the 4th and want to look good!! LOL

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