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Total Solution vic's...countdown to christmas

Well hello fellow mini's...im back from my holiday in disney and have to face the scales tomorrow but i had a great time... :)

So here we are just over 6 weeks to christmas so im starting a fresh and jumping back on the wagon

really need you all to help me through wk1 :sigh:

Ive really missed you allx

looking forward to catching up with you all soon :)
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Doing it exante style :)
Hiya babe :D

Glad you had a fab time on holiday :)
Don't stress too much about the scales! What ever they say will soon be gone anyway.
Hope your first few days go easy xx
Hello and welcome back I will look forward to reading your progress :)
Hi ladies

thankyou for your posts :)

well ive put 10lbs on but tbh i had put 3 of those on before i went so im happy and thinking that 7lb on whilst on a two week holiday is acceptable.

Now i need to focus and get rid of another stone for christmas... so my overall mini goal will be to reach a total of 20lb weight loss by christmas :)

catch you all later xx

Hi all

well its 1:30 and ive had x3 latte's made with my shake and downed one litre of water... walked southampton xmas shopping all morning so i need to try to down another litre of water by dinner time...

I have two weeks worth of vanilla shakes which i tend to split up to make latte's all day and i will use up my tesco bars and a few exante's too... then im not sure wether to just stick to shakes???

anyway so far so good :) for day one...catch you all later
Evening you sound well on your way already :) fantastic I also have the tesco raspberry bars nom nom lol.

So your aiming to lose 20 lbs by Christmas too? I'm the same :) best of luck hon x
Evening you sound well on your way already :) fantastic I also have the tesco raspberry bars nom nom lol.

So your aiming to lose 20 lbs by Christmas too? I'm the same :) best of luck hon x
hi Danii

nice to hear from you:)

the tesco bars are great arent they... well good luck with the 20lb too..I know we can do it :)

Do you have a diary i can visit?? if so whats the title:)

catch you soon

hi :)

well im am such a sponge ... i jumped on the scales this morning and shocked to see that four pounds has gone in one day!!!

I know its just water but im pleased all the same :)

very hungry today on day two but going to try to be ts ... or if not just a little chicken we will seex

how are you all doing would love to hear :)


well i have had to have some chicken this evening but have decided not to have my last shake so im ok about it:)

day two over heres to day three :)
Hey v how u doing lovely ? Good too see u back lovely x x

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Thanks P

Its good to be back x hows things for you? the weights loss is excellent on your ticker you should be absolutely proud of yourself xx

speak soon x
good morning everyone

had a sneaky daily today and lost another 1.75lb its scary how much water my body can hold but its great to see the numbers go down :)

hope my fellow mini's are doing ok x

catch you all later ...heading off to work soon :/
Yay isn't it fab when the scales are going down can't see ur stats Hun but thank you my lovely, restart today for me but messed up but gonna pretend it never happened:-0

Have a top day chick x x

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Hi precious

That's the right attitude just stop and ignore the mess up and don't do a carb binge xxx

Lovely to hear from you x ty for your encouragement x
Hi all

I can't seem to stop eating some chicken once a day at the moment ... Hoping the ketosis fairy will come Friday and the hunger pangs will go !

Otherwise all going ok :)

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