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Vikki's diary

Day 2 in the big brother house. Well not quite but it's day 2. I've found it hard to not pick at anything but have managed. I'm a returner who has been to LL 4 times before with success but it never lasts. I own a restaurant and food is my business. Although need to learn serving food to others rather than myself makes me a happier person in the long run. Only managed a ltr of water so far today. Will have to improve tomorrow! My husband says my breath stinks and I'm pretty cold so must be en route to ketosis. Hoping doing a diary will help me through my weak moments. Bye for now Vikki x
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Playing the Angel
S: 14st3lb C: 8st7lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 20.4 Loss: 5st10lb(40.2%)
Hey Vix

Good luck with your journey, sounds like you are well on the way to ketosis. I am a chef, and have had my own restaurant previously before I moved to the UK. I know just how hard it can be, so if you wanna chat about that side of things I am always around.

Thanks J! Day 3 and all going well. I am still a bit hungry. Maybe cos I didn't get my porridge this morn as tried my microwave to find out it's on the way out. Nibbles a wee tiny Lardon as told breath was smelly by staff! I felt bad but size of finger nail and sorted breath so could face customers in restaurant with out them fainting at smell! Was really really busy at lunch service and only me waitressing so spent 4 hours running about so that'll all help the weight loss. Invited skiing at end of feb by friend so better knuckle down as my sallopettes are too small at mo. By end feb though should fit. Gives me another excuse to start exercising so don't get thigh burn if I go! I am not hopeful of repeating my success first time around but will take every day as it comes. X
Well day 4 is almost over. Only had one pack as not really hungry and also nibbles on wee piece of meat so feel bad! Been drinking water but obviously not enough as I have hardly been to the loo! Weigh in in 2 days( I started 2 days late) so I better get drinking the water and having the packs. It's going to be a long process. Hope I'm strong enough for the journey. It's miserable being over weight. I'm off to have a pack or 2 or I'll end up feeling weak, and that'll give me an excuse to stop and I don't want to do that. X
Day 5. Have just organised to go skiing from 26 march with friends so I HAVE to slim down and get alot fitter by then or
1) I can't fit my ski stuff
2) it's gonna hurt so bad that my thighs are gonna feel like they are popping out my legs.
I have now got a bit of a target. I was hoping to stay on abstinence til after that apart from 4 come dine with me meals organised before April. Four couples have organised this in our village. It is the person in the couple who doesn't usually cook that is the host for the evening! That's me cos my husband is a Michelin awarded chef so no one would take part if it was him cooking! Today I'm drinking the water having my packs and not cheated. Mind you the evenings are always the worse! Maybe I should go on treadmill whilst they're having their tea. X

Just a add on. decided to go on treadmill, no pain no gain! I managed 2k with 2 mins fast walking and 2 mins fast jogging- I'm not kidding myself I was actually running! Took me 18 mins then had to come off as the kids had started fighting, so needed to sort them out. So I'm hoping to a little every day. Looking forward to weigh in tomorrow as I thought my button had come undone in my jeans cos they felt looser, looked under my jumper to a bulging tummy, but I was please to see my button was still done, so jeans just a teeny weeny bit looser! x
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is Magdalicious
S: 17st6lb C: 14st1lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 3st5lb(19.26%)
Good luck with the training for you skiing trip :)
I'm toying with an idea of running a half marathon in the summer...
A half mathathon is too difficult for me but go for it girl! 8Lbs off in 5 days today thus feeling good. Met new class mates today. All seem nice apart from one who seems like she'll be hard work. A few newbies and a few returnees. I hope as I started a week early and had my loss it will spur them on. Also a girl arrived that I slightly knew from my gym days. She's trained as a beautician and looks fab! Might have to look into it if I can look that good! I had the afternoon at a friends and had water only. Normally both of us would pig out on kids leftovers but today we were good. She has recommenced her class of LL swell and is weighed in Monday. Off to work- hope I don't succumb to any yummy smells in the restaurant. Xx
Day 7 and nothing much to say. No hunger what so ever and although not the 2-5 ltrs as recommended but more than I normally drink. Everyone ate a cooked breakfast and I sat there not jealous at all. The kids and hubbie had a nice tea, so I went to walk the dog, and then to top of a good day I went on the treadmill for 3k. Couldn't manage to run for more than a minute but I walked up incline of 4 with 3kilo weights in hands. I know this motivation won't stay but I'm hoping to keep it up for as long as poss. One thing though that is bugging me I can't remember how to update my ticker so if anybody wants to let me know how, please do! Vikki x
Day 8 and I'm feeling really sick today. My tummy is a washing machine. Had some fizzy water and some LL porridge but still feel a bit shaky and sick. We have a four course dinner wine tasting eve on at the restaurant tonight and the chef always makes one extra of everything incase one is dropped etc. If all well the staff get to tuck in. I won't be tempted. I'm really glad I booked my ski trip as now I can focus on my fitness which will help my weight loss. It'll also stop me picking at ham! I'm bit nervous that I have to eat on Sunday with my come dine with me competition but if I don't finish the courses and leave potatoes might not be too bad. Also said to couples I wasn't drinking but they said not fair if the host is sober!! I really don't want to ruin my hard work. Any hoo at work so better say goodbye. Vikki x
S: 16st0.5lb C: 9st4.5lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 22.4 Loss: 6st10lb(41.87%)
i just double click on my ticker and its takes me staright to it, once updated hit next at bottom of page and come out. your next post shld have ur updated info!! ur doing great. im sticking to it but still struggling... xx


Playing the Angel
S: 14st3lb C: 8st7lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 20.4 Loss: 5st10lb(40.2%)

Stay strong, don't eat on the Come dine night, it is so do able and you will only set yourself back if you do, if you really have have have to eat stick with protein and green veg. Is a meal worth all the hard work you are putting in??? I am the Head Chef of a large events company, first time round I did not taste one thing in all my time in abstinence, through work, big jobs for Cartier, trips to Paris, Birthdays, Funerals, nothing, not a smidge passed my lips. And during this little mini rebalance I am not tasting a thing either, not that I dont want too, off course I do, but I want the weight loss more than any meal ever, and trust me honey I am passionate about food.

Sorry, not meaning to have a go or anything, but dont make it harder for yourself if you can possibly avoid it

Hugs and good luck whatever your decision

Cheers carrie I'll give it a try! And j I would not eat if I thought they would have it but I'm in it to win so I'll eat but be sensible. I knew about these 4 times of come dine with me before I signed up to LL. It's actually keeping me abstinent as if I didn't have these 4 dates where i knew I have to eat then id cheat. Where as I can stay abstinent knowing that it's broken up. It may take me a couple of weeks longer in the long run to loose weight but I'll stay the course. You have been so dedicated to LL. Being a chef and not tasting your food must be almost impossible. My husband(chef) has a spoon in his mouth tasting this and tasting that, all day long. Mind u he never eats so he's still slim. I Think it's cos he has the illusion he's eating when really he's just tasting teaspoons of stuff. X
Day 9 and I feel much better today. Worked another wine tasting and we had extra tarts so rather than eat them went to a neighbour and gave them to them. This diary really helps you keep on the straight and narrow! X
Day 10. Feeling a bit low and tired. To be honest I've missed packs at times this week so that's probably why feel like this. I must resolve to follow the program better. I havent done anything on treadmill since Sunday as once I get in from work my feet are always sore from running around the restaurant. I will hopefully get back on it tomorrow. My youngest boy has an interview for school tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous as he may be charming or he may be a horror! The other 2 children are already there so hopefully that'll count for something. He'll look so cute in the summer in his wee shorts and blazer! Better make sure my ketosis breath is under check!! X


Playing the Angel
S: 14st3lb C: 8st7lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 20.4 Loss: 5st10lb(40.2%)
Well done on resisting the tarts!! I reckon you do enough running around in the restaurant to justify lesser amounts of treadmill :)

Day 11. I've just had 2 shakes as I had only had one this morning so thought- this isn't right although I'm not hungry can't live on 125 cals! Been busy today, my youngest had his interview for school this morn, fingers crossed he shone in his test. I know headmistress through other 2 so hopefully I passed test too! Out and about trying to find a nice ski jacket. Unfortunately the only one I liked was £250 which I can't afford! On a positive note it was a size 14 and fitted. Mind you I tried on an 18 yesterday and that was too small. Maybe I only liked the £250 jacket cos I liked the size!! It really upsets me when things don't fit. Puts a whole dampner on your day. Anyhoo hope all is well with you LLers xx
Day 12. I've had to do a lot of food shopping today which I've avoided until now. It was difficult seeing all the food I love but stayed strong. I keep telling myself that on Sunday I'll be eating. Picked up the wee come dine with me trophy. It looks great. Hoping to win. Also ordered a new ski jacket. Found it on the net £80 cheaper than local shop which is fab but still cant afford it so put old one along with several other things on eBay to help pay for it! Watched Andy Murray tennis match this morning whilst having 2 pints of water. It was great. Good luck to him in the final on Sunday. Still can't muster any enthusiasm for exercise but at least I'm keeping the faith with the LL diet. X
Day 13 and weigh in day- only lost 3Lbs. am gutted was hoping to make it to a stone by week 2! Never mind. I am hosting a dinner party tomorrow night thus have been shopping the last couple of days. Tonight I have started the preparation of the food, so I have tasted food. I'm eating tomorrow anyway, but I think if I had lost more my motivation to stay abstinent whilst preparing the food would have been greater. My plan for tomorrow is to only have one glass of wine per course and to leave the pastry in the tart so hopefully I won't do too much damage. Then it'll be right onto abstinence again on Monday. I have to loose at least 13Lbs by the 26th of February, when I go skiing. I would then have at least half a stone to loose after I get back. It all seems a bit too much today, but maybe by Monday I'll get my motivation back. On a positve note, I sold £70 worth of stuff on ebay today, and along with getting the money out of the kids accounts that they owed me, thats the ski jacket paid for! Good luck to the rest of you.
Vikki x
Day 15. I missed out yesterday as I was busy with dinner party. I ate the 4 courses and had 4 glasses of wine. I felt so ill afterwards. I think my tummy was used to no food then all that rich food went in. I ended up being sick before I went to bed and I have a continued upset tummy today if you know what I mean. Any hoo straight back on LL today still have 13lbs to loose before 26th feb. I think I'll not quite manage that but if I could get 10lbs off that would be good. Xx

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