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    So i use to do WW in 2009 lost 5 stone, last year i had my little boy and put my weight back on, therefore i'm back again! :wave_cry:

    i have decided to start a food diary again as i keep snacking!!!! ive done well past 5 weeks lost 11lbs but now im starting to lose my will power! so i need a kick up the bum! ive got a christening in 3 weeks and a wedding to go to in 11 weeks! want to lose at least another stone by the wedding :) over all goal is back to 12st 7lbs! / 12st :) - i should be on 25 points, but seeing as im nearly at the next stone bracket im going to be on 24 :)


    WW Bacon x 2 : 1
    WW Wrap : 1.5p
    light mayo 0.5

    Total ; 3p

    Wrap 1.5
    tom puree 0
    WW cheese Slice 1.5
    quavers 1.5

    Total ; 4.5

    Spag & Meatballs 5.5
    Garlic Petti - 2.5

    Total ; 8

    WW crunch pudding 3

    3+4.5 = 7.5 + 4.5 = 12 + 11 - 23points

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