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Visit to docs

So I was supposed to go back to my doctor six weeks after I went into the hospital... this was the beginning of June! lol

Finally went back today and was a bit worried about what she'd say about Lipotrim but felt I should inform her about what I was doing. She said she'd noticed I'd lost weight and wanted to weigh me so I let her and her exact words... 'crumbs!' LOL she's so proper!

Anyway, she's perfectly happy for me to continue with LT, not a bad word was said about it, however she did say that I should stop at the next stone gone. :( But, she also gave me a script for 6 months worth of my pill so I'll just carry on with my plan and then when I go back in the new year we'll talk about it. I'm sure if I'm healthy and happy at my light weight she'll be fine.

So yeah, all in all a good visit. She was very pleased with my loss (did say that it was almost too fast but wasn't too phased to be honest) and happy for me to continue!

Yay! :)

~Gem xx
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Crumbs - jings well done you, bet you're very pleased, don't think medical profs bother about the time scale of weight loss as you're getting all your vits/minerals - who ever invented Lipotrim is great! :D
Weird thing was, she sounded like she'd hardly heard about it before! She asked all sorts of questions like was I eating and how many cals were in the shakes etc but I think was pacified by the fact that it's done through the pharmacy. By the sounds of it I'm her first patient to be on it, or at least to admit to her they're on it at any rate!



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Strange, I have to say I only found out about it by accident... maybe it's not well advertised.
I only heard about it because a friend on mine quite literally halved in size in about 5 months and a lot of people on the night shift where I work were doing it, I just figured as a doctor she would have as that's where it all started...?
so pleased that doc was ok with you doing it hun. when oh went to doc and asked she didnt know anything about it either and had to explain it to her.
I only heard about LT through this site!!

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