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Visit to the consultant


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I had a 2nd visit to the consultant on Wednesday and as there was no parking spaces my OH had to go sit at his mums and leave me there alone.

As soon as I walked into the Dr's room he was angry with me, asking why I hadn't had a 28 week scan, I told him I'd been to all appointments that had been made and he told me that I was supposed to make the appointment myself?! Sorry but I'm not a mindreader and nobody told me that.

They took my blood pressure checked my wee sample and pulled up the results of my GTT and to be honest they seemed baffled that there was nothing wrong with any of the results, they even checked over my past BP results and seemed shocked that it's been normal throughout my pregnancy.

A nurse then let me hear the baby's hearbeat :D which was the first time I've heard it because my MW has never been able to find it. She then gave me a good prod, no idea why.

Was then taken to the reception to book a scan because the Dr wasn't willing to let me go home til I'd had one. Thank god I'd heard the heartbeat and felt her moving all day because while they were booking the scan I heard the receptionist say "why does she have to have it done now, does the Dr suspect it's still?" :eek: Anyway, had the scan done and the measurements were taken and it turns out she's too small!! I have to admit this one confused me as much as it seemed to confuse the Dr. Now I have to go back for another scan in 2 weeks, I'm not complaining cos I get to see my baby lots but why is she small!?

P.S anyone know of a reason I can't drink a slim fast shake? for some reason I really fancy a milkshake and i have some slim fast powder in the cupboard, I don't mean as a meal replacement I just mean as a drink :D
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I don't know about the slimfast shake to be honest, can you not make a milkshake? or nip to the shop?

Glad you got to hear the heartbeat at last :) And had a scan to see bubba - shame on the receptionist!! I would have answered her back just to let her know you heard.. they should really be more careful. :(

Glad bubba is ok, strange that she's a bit small, but hopefully she'll play catch up soon. :) Great that you are getting regular scans and they are watching closely ((hugs))


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What about sugar free crusha? Don't know of any reason why you can't have slim fast, but worth checking the vitamin a content as it's fortified isn't it?

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