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Visiting Mom = update

Blonde Logic

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Hey peeps

First moment I have had to sit and write. Well, second or third, but the first couple of times, no owrds would come

Things have gone terrible wrong here. Terribly.

On our second morning here, I discovered my mother had gotten into the bathtub, sometime after 4am and when I woke at 8am, she was in the tub, dazwed and confused and could not get out. She had been in there a few hours and was so weak she could hardly move.

I had to physically raise her from the tub, and when I did, to my horror I discovered she had no skin left on her whole back side.

She had apparently filled the tub with scalding hot water.

She has 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns to over 25% of her body.

She is in critical condition in hospital, and will be in hospital for at least two months. She is at extreme risk for infection and pnumonia, and elderly patients often do not survive this sort of trauma.


This has been the most difficult week of my life, and a trip I knew would be fraught with sadness has become far worse than I ever imagined.

I am extending my stay here as much as I possible can which is only another 9 days. Hopefully, we will have a good clear picture of her prognosis by then.

I am absolutely shattered. I am eating horribly. What I can, when I can. And not god choices. :( Oh well. Whats done can always be uundone - my priority is mom right now.

I am scared for her - she has had her first surgery, and hopefully she will not need more skin grafts. They have covered all her burns with pig skin to allow her to heal underneath as all her fluids are leaving her body - and her blood pressure has ben dangerously low - like 60/30.

Its jst horrible. I knew this may have been a trip of goodbyes, but never ever did I imagine it would be under these circumstances.

I am devestated.

Anyone who can spare a few prayers, we would gladly accept them. She needs all the help she can get.

The day we got home from hospital, we heard from my cousin. My aunty has just been diagnosed as terminal, with 2-3 weeks left to live. Hospice has moved in and now they are just waiting. She and mom were best friends their whole lives. We cannot even tell mom about my aunt as it would be dangerous at this stage to tell her such news.

Anyway, I really just wanted to ask for prayers.

I kep thinking I will run out of tears, but so far, no sign of that. :(

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Oh BL that's truely terrible. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom. xx


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Sending you,your mum and your Auntie all the love and light I can muster. So sad...so sorry for you... ((((((((BL)))))))))xxx


Gotta Make A Change
words elude me at this time
my prayers are with you and the family at this time
Oh Hun,
Your worst fear. We talked about the bath didn't we?
You have my prayers. In fact I do pray for you and your Mum often. I lit a candle for her in Church this morning before I saw your post. I hope they are able to help her with the pain. Does she realise you are there with her? I'm so sorry about your auntie too.
Love and a big hug from me and M xxx
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I’m so sorry, this must be absolutely devastating. I'll be sending all my hopes and prayers your way. I really hope everything turns out okay. x x x


I will do this!
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words can't not take away your pain, but we are thinking of you xx

Janey B

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So sorry BL such a sad sad situation, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
Janey xx


Happy in my own skin
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What can I say other than I am sending all my love prayers and best wishes your way. You will keep strong, you always do.


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oh how awful for your poor mum

at least you were there when this happened, it could have been so much worse if you hadn't been about hun

sending lots of positive thoughts your way - try and stay strong- make sure you are looking after yourself

daisy x


I'm going to be slim
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Oh your poor mom the pain must be unbearable for her I am so sorry to hear things are going from bad to worst huggs & prayers coming for me to you


Playing the Angel
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BL, my Darling friend

Thinking of you and saying lots of prayers. Will ask my mom to light some candles and send prayers out to you too.



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