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    Apologies if something along these lines has already been posted but I haven't seen it yet.

    I've just had a "lightbulb moment" and wanted to share it with you all.
    After my 1st week of LL I'm beginning to realise how important visualisations are in keeping myself motivated. An exercise in the green book for LL asks you to imagine what you would look like - i.e. think of a famous person - your sort of height etc whose body you would like. I'm not able to do this yet. I can't imagine anyone else's body being mine other than my own. "What little old me look like X" - don't be insane. I know that this is my self-esteem talking and I will break this but just not yet. Anyway I'm rambling... sorry :eek:

    Visualisations hit me today whilst I was swimming. I LOVE swimming. I dislike my body being on view but not enough to stop me swimming at VERY quiet times in the evening and early morning. Still no matter how much I love swimming, length after length can get very tedious. So I started visualising things that I wanted to happen to my body and trying to make myself believe that If I got to the end of this length my legs would be slimmer. And I kept doing that with each length and eventually I found I'd done my amount of lengths that I wanted to achieve in my time in the pool.

    Anyway sorry for the ramble, but I wondered what other people visualise to motivate them???
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    You are absolutely right that the ways we think about ourselves and our weight loss ambitions are crucial. I am not a visual person and have trouble conjuring up a picture of me as I want to be, but I have noticed that I think differently about myself in some ways since beginning the diet. I seem to think of myself as slim and walk more as I imagine I will do when slim. Even when I catch sight of myself (my not at all slim self) it is somehow not a shock and not too unpleasant.

    Actually at first I wondered if the shakes contained some sort of hallucinogen (yes, it *does* sound paranoid and I *do* spend too much time with delusional people) because I felt sure that I was down to just the one chin and that my ankles looked slimmer.

    Hmmm, I am rambling now and I don't think I have answered the question at all. Err, sorry, carry on, as you were...

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    I am totally unable to visualise what I want to look like when I am slimmer - I just can't do it and I just don't get it either. In a similar way for my exams they recommend the use of techniques for remembering called mind maps and I just can't get them either.

    I bought a Paul McKenna weight loss tape and lay on the bed relaxing and listening to it but found it a total waste of time (other than the music being really good) as I could not visualise the new slimmer me.
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    Hi Sweetpea,

    If you can't visualise yourself slim, then pick someone who you admire in a magazine and who's figure you think you would like and put it on your fridge door or on a wall somewhere where you can see it as this well help.

    As for mind maps they can take a bit of time to click in. They are good fun. It is a high form of doodling that helps the mind to remember and to be more creative.

    A good way to get started is to pick something you are really interested in, it can be anything from fashion, music, writing, dieting, to work etc.

    Jot down the subject and work quickly running strands radiating out from the core with your own ideas/connections to the subject using single words on each branch and you branch out from each branch and see how far you can develop each subject and ideas.

    This will give you an idea what you know about the subject and you might discover things you did not realised you knew.

    You have to have an interest in which you are creating a mind map for and once you start off doing them with a favourite interest you do get hooked, later on you will find you can adapt them to any situation be it school, work or writing a book etc.

    Here is Tony Buzan talking on the subject.

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    Hi mini,

    Thank you so much for that link. I don't think it's going to help with visualising what I'll be like when I get to target weight but it did put mind maps over and help me understand why they would help with my memory in exams. It was good to see someone explain about using words the same length as the branches. I think when I had them explained before it wasn't done properly.

    I think it will still take time and maybe I' not as creative as I thought I was but I will try to use it.

    Thank you so much!
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