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Vitamins and Supplements

Hi all,

Just wondering what, if any, vitamins and supplements you take whilst losing weight and if there are any you take to help weight loss.
i bought Acai berry supplement and Green tea extract from H&B but not sure if they actually help but anything that claims it can help me lose weight (within reason) is worth a try.
Have any of you experienced these or others that have worked?

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I work in a store that sells health foods and we're pretty cynical about the Acai Berry - have had several customers saying it hasn't made a bit of difference. The green tea is supposed to be good, though.

I never took anything like that myself, but I do take a high-dose multivitamin and a calcium supplement. Calcium is one of the few things that's actually been proven to aid weight loss. I take a supplement because I'm a vegan, but if you're a veggie/carnivore then try having 3 helpings of calcium containing foods a day. This has been shown to speed up weight loss in research done on humans.
yeah i had heard that about Acai berry that some people say it doesnt work but as long as it isnt doing me any harm i thought id try it for a week or so.
ooh i shall definatly try having that, i might have to take the tablet though as im veggie but im also lacto intolerant and so i dont drink milk i still have cheese and yoghurt as they dont make me ill but have you found the calcium supplements boosted your weight loss?
According to the research, supplements aren't anywhere near as helpful for weight loss as eating 3 portions of milk, yogurt or cheese a day. I've certainly lost weight at a good rate and am still doing so now even though I've already reached goal, but I think I just have a very efficient metabolism! :)

Mrs V

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To be honest, I dont think most of them work. If you are eating a balanced sensible diet (which SW is), then you should not have the need to take vitamins or suppliments. I was told that with my gastric band that if I have the right balance of foods, I will not need to have any other boost.
There really isnt anything available on the market that will help you loose weight in the long term...I wish there was!

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