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vitamins...hair loss ....help!!

Hi Everyone,

I did the cambridge diet a few months ago and lost 2 stone really quickly and been doing it for the last couple of weeks ....the thing is I have been losing hair. Not lil bits but clumps. Its been freaking me out because i generally have thick hair but i can feel how thinner it is at the moment. I know this is a side effect of cambridge but i am worrying whether i should continue. I have also been under lots of stress lately so it could be that too.
Does anyone know if vitamins are ok on this diet or a hair and nail supplement. I really want to carry on with diet because i think its ace just dont want to end up losing my hair anymore. Its got to the point that when i went in the shower the other day i could grab a clump of hair in my hand...i could have cried !!!

Any help please xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:cry:
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Hi there, I really do sympathise- i have hair loss too but, so far, only slight-

I have done a little research and from my findings it is recommended it take Biotin and Selenium I am also taking nutrihair from a company called natures best. In addition I am using rejuvx shampoo, conditioner and nutrient spray- With all those the hair loss has reduced

Hope this helps x
helenfrompoole has already suggested the shampoo and supplements, there's a skin, hair and nails formula you can get in Holland and Barrett too and I think its on offer at the moment. Good luck.


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Join the club! :sigh: :eek:

I take a vitamin supplement called Hair-Vit, and also a hair/nails supplement called Silica which was recommended by my CDC (after she rang CD HQ about it) - get it from H+B. I also use the Rejuvx range. I'm sure there's less hair in my brush than before! :)

I keep reading about a hair-thinning supplement in the press, called Viviscal (http://www.viviscal.com), although I don't know if it's any good or not. (If you buy the Daily Express, they give you a promotion code in the advert.)
I'm lucky to have a very good specialist health shop in the village and the woman there recommended I take a full spectrum multivitamin and Silica every day. She claims that the 'skin & hair' formulas dont do much good.
And I use Ojon shampoo & conditioner every day.

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