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Gone a bit quiet
Forgotten where you live, brownie, but I use Boots as can get 3 for 2 there. I use the one a day multivit and take one extra in the evening every other day. I also top up the B vits a little mire with a B vit complex from the same source, as some of the B ones are often a bit low, especially B12 if you don't eat liver.
I take boots value vitamins - I find if I forget I get foot and leg cramps, probably because the diet is relatively low in potassium.


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I take a whole lot of vitamins and supplements because of my thyroid and potential adrenal problems. I use Asda multi mineral, Asda Vit C, Holland and barrett B Vits and B12 and selenium, iron on prescription from the Drs etc. I also take fish oils from Asda and Vit D from Amazon. It's like a meal in itself!


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I take Multivitamins A-Z and an additional 500mg slow-release vit C, all from Boots. I'm still taking it, and still not consistently enough. during Cruise I was too lax and developed a problem with bruising which I *suspect* had to do with lack of VitC, and has nearly gone now, 6 months into stab! Now in Stab I also take a small dose (ie 1 of a 'two a day') of Codliver oil as I noticed that after I stopped eating quite as much fish as in Cruise/Conso, I really noticed a worsening of a the light artritis in my fingers this, which had disappeared entirely.

But as I said, I'm still not remembering it often enough.


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Sugar free multivitamin per day for me, and a vitamin C... the latter of which I double when surrounded by people sniffling and coughing! I am remarkably sniffle free since starting my multivitamin regime (Millennium year resolution - only forgotten a couple of times!)
I take vitamins when I remember. Usually just a Multi. Sometime, I take the one specified for vision (I self claim blind as a bat), and sometimes when I worry about my hair falling out in abundant, then I take the one specifically for hair and nails. And of course I have the fish one, and Vitamin C, etc. I don't seem to remember to take them daily, so I just take them whenever. I do it because I've been brain washed by my mother. Did you hear me, mom? I'm taking my vitamins!!

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