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VLCD and mini pill Cerelle

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by sliemox, 20 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. sliemox

    sliemox Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if these VLCD affect the effectiveness of the mini pill Cerelle. My implant is due ti be taken out and the doctor said she will put me on Cerelle as I dnt want anything long term at the moment.......but im worried as I forgot yo ask if the pill will be affected by me being on a very low calorie diet I have 6st to lose currently weighing 103kg/16st and goal weight being 65kg/10st...........pls help as im not ready for a baby yet....
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  3. sliemox

    sliemox Well-Known Member

    Anyone using the minipiill pips???????????????
  4. sliemox

    sliemox Well-Known Member

    Ooh pips 71 pple viewed this post but not a single reply...... any views are appreciated even if u are not sure about it thats wy we are here for to try and help each other out.....
  5. hotsue67

    hotsue67 Well-Known Member

    I think you need to get professional advice sweetheart as I don't know the facts on effectiveness of the pill and vlcd. But long as the pill stays in your system and gets absorbed then it still works I should imagine so as long as you are still eating or drinking something there shouldn't be any reason for it not to work. Xx

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  6. sliemox

    sliemox Well-Known Member

    Thank u hotsue67 for your input its very much appreciated...... I will call the FPC before my appointment to have the implant removed.......was just worried coz I hve been on implant for 6yrs...... bt the last 3 saw me putting 6stone since I had it changed 3 yrs ago .....hence the change to the minipill trying to monitor wat causes the weight gain as the GP was worried, but all health issues were ruled out thru blood test......bt will defo be seeking professional advice.....
  7. hotsue67

    hotsue67 Well-Known Member

    It's so difficult to find reliable contraception for some women who do struggle with their weight. I always found this a problem!
    I gained with the pill. Then 20 years ago I was one of the first women in our area chosen to try the implant after the birth of my 3rd child. Well I gained 4 stone in a year and had to practically beg them to get the implants removed! I felt poorly, nauseas weepy. I kept getting told that they were expensive to supply and fit and designed to last 5 years : (((
    I finally got them taken out after a year and found out that the other women in the trial lasted a few weeks before having them removed : /
    I eventually found success with the old fashioned coil. Not mirena. Just copper coil. Heavy periods but no hormones or anything to affect my moods or eating etc.
    it's not easy being a woman is it??? !!

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  8. sliemox

    sliemox Well-Known Member

    Omg!!Hotsue67....4st in a year oh my......yaa its not easy being a woman for sure we just have to keep on looking until we find wat works for us without too many repercussions.......hopefully I will find wat wrks for me soon..... thank u for the insight

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