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100% all the way!
My friend has done CD and she lost 6 stone, I told her was doing it now and that I was missing my weekend glass of wine! She said to me that she had Vodka and coke zero almost every weekend (only a couple) and it never knocked her out of ketosis, nor effect her weight loss?! I don't want to try this as if I have one I will want 10! But do you think this is right? xx
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Yes, it probably is right, I have a gin and slim line tonic most weekends, (I know, Im naughty...:eek:) and its never kicked me out of ketosis....

P.S Im not encouraging you to have a vodka, just letting you know my experience of it! lol :p

Cat Bee x
ive done it with vodka and soda water and it made me feel sick! sometimes i think its best to keep away from it! but then again its a long old time to restict yourself and sometimes i think you need treats.

My CDC had a woman hospitalized after drinking alcohol when she started passing blood. I would like nothing better than a drink but no way am I taking that risk! x


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I used to drink the last time I was on CD, but I haven't this time. To be honest, I am a bit scared now to try it but I am going to make plans to go out the weekend before my hols to try and 'ease' myself into it so I am not stotting drunk on my first night of my holiday :) :)


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not worth the hassle and should not be attempted at all!
not only is it not good for the weight loss....but also not good for your health!
Scares the crap out of me!!! :)
please don't drink alcohol while in ketosis !

your body (brain in particular) needs carbohydrates to metabolise alocohol and . while you're in ketosis, you just don;t have enough.....you will have a very bad hangover (at best) and end up very sick.....it's just not worth it and can be very dangerous !!!

Debz x
Lexie I'm so glad you posted that! I was just about to then saw your post xxxx

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