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Vomiting blood?


I'm about 10 weeks pregnant. I'm diagnosed hyper-emetic - I throw up about 20 hours a day and did so in my previous pregnancy too. Last time round I also puked right up until delivery so my docs figure I'll probably do the same again this time, they're not holding out much hope of it stopping.

Anyway, tonight I brought up some blood. Have never done that before and it's made me a bit nervous. I should be able to get an appointment with my doc on Wednesday. I'm assuming that unless I do it again, there's no need to go to hospital tonight, that it can wait for an appointment.

Anyone know anything about it? Anyone else brought up blood?
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dont no anything about this hun but it dont sound nice at all! i was sick with my first, every day but it nether got that bad. can u not get an emergancy appointment 2mora with your midwife? hope things improve x
Never had severe sickness with any of my pregnancies so sorry I'm no help at all, just wanted to say think you should get checked out asap. Hope you're ok hun.
I think you have probably burst a few small blood vessels with the retching and vomiting, assuming the blood is mixed with stomach contents. If it is pure blood then you will need to seek medical advice straight away.
No, it wasn't pure blood. Thanks. That's kind of what I'm assuming, that it's the physical stress of the excessive retching rather than anything more serious. I will get it checked out though. There's been no more of it, if there is, I'll go straight to hospital.
Thanks Abz. No recurrence so far, thank goodness. And I feel "normal" in my own, usual, rubbish, pregnant way so I doubt it's anything major. But I am booked to see my GP and obstetrician tomorrow so I can put my mind at rest then. Better safe than sorry!

I used to think I wanted 3 kids, but there's no way I could handle a third pregnancy like this!


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Sorry I can not offer any advice or help but just wanted to send you (((Big Hugs))) and hope you will be feeling better soon.


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hey i.b you too !!!! congratulations hunni xxx
so sorry youre not feeling so good , hope you get better soon x
i had hyperemesis gravidarum in my first and only pregnancy and its certainly not nice. I spent weeks on long term sick leave from work because i was vomiting several times daily. it has put me off EVER being pregnant again!

some people think oh yeah morning sickness i had that too but hyperemesis is a completely different ball game, ur such a poor soul...its truly awful!

if vomiting is causing your body to become dehydrated your doc may prescribe some sort of anti emetic compatible with pregnancy...good luck hopefully you will feel better soon.x
Chunkymunky - did you actually find an anti-emetic that worked? My obstetrician has prescribed them this time and last time - in fact last time they were basically forced on me because of the dehydration (I didn't want drugs as I was pregnant and it was made very clear to me that if I didn't take them then dehydration would kill the child as things were so severe).

However, they don't work at all for me. I stopped taking them a week ago and am no better or worse without them, same last time.

I can certainly understand you not wanting another pregnancy. I'm finding this even harder than last time. The docs have advised that I really shouldn't do this again and I'm probably getting sterilised during the Caesarean.

Hyper-emesis is truly horrible and hard to understand the extremity of it if you've had "normal" morning sickness I think. My doc is lovely about it but there's just nothing effective that he can prescribe.


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Hi IB, with vomiting blood, if it is a small amount of red blood then it is generally nothing to worry about, and most likely a small tear or burst vessel from retching. If it is a large quantity of red blood, or old blood which looks like ground coffee bits in the vomit, then you need to see a doctor.


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