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VROOOOOOOMMM!!! Go x-Katie-x GO!


lol - I remember when I did my CBT last year I was brickin it - the thought that I had never ridden a motorbike, and they were going to take us out, within an hour, onto the streets of Brighton on a Saturday afternoon!!! Made my head spin!! Part of me said, "This certainly is not a very good idea - but - hey ho, here we go!" Scary as - you know what - but equally as fun and exhilerhating! Can't wait to hear how she got on.

She will be one tire puppy this evening - the mental concentration is astounding!
...........and she's back!!!! But before you get too excited I haven't completed it!!! BUT I bloody loved it! Wow it's good! When I got there there were 4 of us doing the course today, 2 men who both had ridden bikes, one had been with another company and had done his cbt but been messed about re the test so he'd come to the company I'm with and was 'starting from scratch' and the other man had been a trials bike rider for years. The other person was an older woman (older than me about 45-50) and she did the whole day yesterday but by the end of today I was at about the same level as her.

They did say from the start that they thought they'd split the day up so I finished at about 1.30 and am going back this Friday to (hopefully) complete it. One of the men said he couldn't believe I'd never been on a bike before so I was made up with that :D :D :D. From what I gather at this place, you pay for the CBT and they're happy if it takes you one day, two days or longer - just the one price and they just want you to be safe and confident.

I even did a figure of 8 today which was great ...... the bit I'm worse at was the actual setting off without letting it stall but most of the time I'm okay with it - I managed to go to second gear and then back to first etc.

If the pic works then this is the bike I was riding - same colour as this one and it's a Yamaha SR 125 - ideal for my height, feet touched the floor no problem.

Ooooh it's gonna be a Good Friday for me :D

Thanks everyone for your messages of support --- you're a bunch of stars you are xxxxxxxx

Well done Katie sounds like you really enjoyed it and good luck on Friday. I think you are very brave, bikes frighten me give me a horse any day.:D
LOL oh Lady a horse would scare the living daylights out of me I think! I think you're brave for getting on them - I'd be scared just getting close to one :)
Well done Katie! Thats a good idea splitting it - we had to do it all in one day, which included the dreaded U-Turn - a bikers nightmare!!! :D
I was surprised to see you back so soon but that explains it.

Sounds like you did smashing, and I knew you would. Its a great sense of acheivement isn't it! Was it busy in the town(s) you were riding in? I felt like a target in a video game and all drivers are out to get you.

Still do in fact, but at least now on my Harley I can accellerate and get outta dodge in a heartbeat which is a much more secure feeling!

Well done girlfriend! <high five> :)

(But steady on with the "older woman comment") :D ;)
We didn't go out on the road BL .... will do on Friday (all being well) and hopefully the roads should be pretty good with it being a Bank Holiday...... hmmmm no fish for me on Friday but at least I get to ride a bike LOL.
Thats a great way to do it Katie. I was so shocked to be out on the streets within an hour. I just had to have faith they saw my ability and would not have let me if it was not safe - but scared the daylights out of me!!!

Sounds like a good course. Really chuffed for ya girl!



longs to be average!
There is no way you'd catch me on a motorbike!! I'm only happy if there is a wheel in each corner and roof over my head! But well done, and hope Friday will be as good a day, if not better than today!
Wow, well done Katie! My brother (the nice one, ha ha!) has got a bike and it frightens the life out of me! i can't go near it! You can hear him coming a mile off when he comes to visit!

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