w bad can nuts really be???

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  1. coffee_bean

    coffee_bean Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,

    Well I've just checked into my hotel for the start of week 2 of complete eating out while on xenical.
    I went down to the resturant and had a chicken salad to start and sea bass for main but... the chicken salad had a ton of pine nuts in it. They were soooo scrummy that I enjoyed every last one of them.

    I'm now panicking as nuts are high in fat and I have so far not experienced any side effects (and really don't want to!)

    Do you think it'll be ok? apart from the nuts everything else was low in fat but I don't know how long it'll take for me to react if I'm going to and I have a day full of meetings tomorrow!


    Any thoughts appreciated

    Kate x x
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  3. New Clare

    New Clare Well-Known Member

    Hi Kate,
    Pine nuts contain 14.3g of fat per oz so it really depends on how many you ate... Fingers crossed for you :)
    Clare x
  4. billygroat

    billygroat Well-Known Member

    Hi Kate

    Pine nuts are just under 70g fat per 100, way over the 5% allowed. Even though they are good fats Xenical does not descriminate.

    I cant say if they will affect you, everyone is different. Some the effects are almost instant, others can be several days later.

    I ate a pecan the other day and nothing happened!

    Probably not what you wanted to hear but if you feel like you are going to "pop" I'd make sure you are near a loo!

    Julie x
  5. coffee_bean

    coffee_bean Well-Known Member

    Wow - 70% fat???
    Thats far worse than I thought. So far so good on the side effects front - I'm really hoping that I've managed to balance them out with all the good things that I ate. I reckon I ate about 30 but their only tiny!
    I'll stay near a toilet just incase.

    Note to self - say no to nuts!!!!

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