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I'm going to Wagamamas on Thursday and would like to know what's the lowest syn thing I can eat? I quite like the noodle based soups. :)

I just looked the menu, I'd probably have the chicken ramen soup but I looked on bodyoptimise.com and it doesn't say how many syns it is. Any ideas please? Thank you.
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sorry chick, ive just been looking about and not sure how many syns would be in this. xx


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I'd be interested in Wagamama syn values as well. I love chicken kare lomen <3


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i have to say when i go i either have that or the salmon one and as i do extra easy i have never synned it as its miso soup and veg and flavours and meat


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I haven't a clue either, but I wish EVERYTHING on the menu was synned as I'd have a field day!! It's my favourite food ever! Last time I went I had the salmon ramen as it's a thin miso type soup with a big salmon fillet, noodles and tons of lovely fresh veg! I'm thinking surely that can't be high in syns- I wouldn't be surprised if it was free on EE, but there's nothing written down to confirm this!!


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I've looked all over the place for Wagamamas nutritional info and haven't found any.
I know they do their Katsu curry but with grilled chicken and if you get the sauce on the side you can easily turn it into an extra easy meal!


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I searched once for wag nutritional values and the noodledish I normally get was about 18 syns!!! Scary!


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I make my own miso noodle soups at home (with miso soup sachets) and the soup is 1 1/2 syns when made, food for thought maybe! But wagamamas noodle soups all look pretty healhy so its probably one of the best places to eat out! x


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I'd give another vote to the Salmon Ramen - seems one of the most SW friendly options to me

Ooh really fancy a Wagamamas now!