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Wales Daily Diary...


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Hello Maintenance!

I want to start a diary to track my progress - weight and food - now I have moved up to 1000 and as I move further up the plans.

I have been on CD since Good Friday and was pretty much SS up until August when I faffed around a bit with SS+. I was going to go back onto SS to get to goal, but we have been bumped up the IVF list due to a history of mis-communication from the Clinic around the BMI I needed to be at for treatment. We have been on the waiting list over 4 years now so I don't feel like we are queue jumping! Treatment will definitely be before Christmas so I want to make sure I am eating well and from all food groups whilst keeping my weight in check. I have to be sub 30 BMI for treatment and I want to get well within that, mid 28's would be perfect.

So far so good with the 1000 plan, and I am going to weigh daily and record my meals in here to keep track. I have enjoyed reading through the diaries on here - very interesting and motivational - and am really excited to join you and start this phase of the diet.

I want to try and split my carb and protein allowances between lunch and dinner and any comments on my menu choices are more than appreciated :D

Early morning weight - 12st 5lb
Breakfast - porridge
Mid Morning - choc tetra
Lunch - 1/2 portion potatoes, 1/2 portion tuna, broccoli
Snack - Grapes
Tea - 1/2 portion potatoes, cottage cheese, lettuce
Supper - Choc shake & milk
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Hey Wales!!!

Great to see your thread. Your menu sounds lovely, nicely split out to hopefully keep any hunger at bay.

You're well on track for your appointment for IVF, so I'm sure you'll be nice and healthy by the time you go.

Look forward to reading about your progress xxx
S: 13st13lb C: 12st6lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 30.8 Loss: 1st7lb(10.77%)
First of all welcome to the maintenance board and also well done on your weight loss to date just looked at your pics and you look so different its great to see what a difference 80lbs makes!!!! Good luck on your IVF journey as well my dear from a fellow IVF buddy xxxx


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Morning ladies, and thanks for the welcome, I am going to have a good catch up on everyones diaries after work today. Keeping it short this morning as broadband is up and down and have already lost 2 posts. We are having dinner at the in-laws this evening to watch the rugby so saving my carbs for that.

Hope everyone has a good day (bring on the weekend)

Early morning weight - 12st 5lb
Breakfast - porridge (done)
Mid Morning - choc tetra
Lunch - 1/2 cottage cheese, salad leaves
Snack - Grapes
Tea - pasta, turkey, salad leaves
Supper - choc shake & milk
S: 14st0lb C: 12st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 1st10lb(12.24%)
Sounds like you've got a fun night planned Wales! Enjoy watching the rugby :)

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Hey!!! great to have you here hun. You're always so supportive and doing so well. It's a fab section of the forum here and we all help eachother out.

Good luck, I'll be watching lol xx


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Morning diary, lovely and sunny here for the moment, just enjoying a cup of tea and porridge. Was meant to have a lie in but OH had a disco going on in the kitchen doing his ironing for work so I got up and made his breakfast and some sarnies for his lunch. Mind you he is out on the pop from this afternoon with people from work so I guess I won't see him now until stupid-o-clock in the morning!

Dinner at the in-laws was ok last evening, but I had too much salad and some cherry tomatoes that are def not on the plan, and too much turkey - but it was delicious and everyone else had plates piled high with carb and naughty stuff. But I need to learn to stick to my portion sizes.

Am off to visit my mum today, a bit of window shopping and lunch out for her birthday - unsure where we will go but somewhere for salad. I will take my morning shake up to mums and have it there before we go out.

Hope everyone has a good day, and fingers crossed the sunshine lasts x

Early morning weight - 12st 5lb
Breakfast - porridge (done)
Mid Morning - choc shake
Lunch - salad out somewhere?
Snack - Grapes
Tea - pasta & whatever I can have after lunch
Supper - chock shake & milk


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Good day today, didn't buy anything except lunch for my mum. I enjoyed browsing through a department store, looking at the brands that I would never have looked at before - mind you, Ted Baker - how tiny?

For lunch I had tuna nicoise salad - passed the olives onto my mum, didn't eat the tomatoes and it was proper tuna steak griddled - it was yum - the only things not on my allowed list were a boiled egg and the dressing but I think I clocked up 5 miles just walking round the shops. And we saw Andrew Castle (GMTV) - I think he is the most smug, annoying man on tv (apols if anyone is a close personal friend of his) so was not at all interested - though mum and I did debate what he was doing in Binns in Darlington on a Saturday afternoon.

Looking forward to a layzee day tomorrow, and the scales were actually a couple of lbs lighter this evening than they have been in the evenings this past week - so perhaps I might have lost a little as well. Brilliant!


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Morning D. Been awake since 6ish, even though late to bed for me but feel wide awake and ready to go - just need to not get sucked in to spending the morning on the sofa on Minis (easier said than done).

Couple of firsts for me yesterday - tried on a pair of wellies at my aunties that fit me round the leg with room to spare, also tried on a winter coat in M&S in a size 14 that was lovely, last year I struggled to get a 22 to fit me.

Scales are down 1lb this morning which is motivating to see, and I have weigh in on Tuesday. Previously I haven't counted the parts of lbs but as my losses are going to slow down it might be an idea to do this. Am also going to record the daily weight in kilos as well as this is how the clinic weighs me and that is what I am focussed on.

Plan for today not clear - have washing, ironing and cleaning to do. Also cook up fish pie for tea tonight. Maybe a long walk this aft once OH is up with his hangover - oh the smug bliss of being teetotal ;) oh and the sun is coming out x

Early morning weight - 12st 4lb (-1lb) (78 kilo)
Breakfast - porridge & banana (done)
Mid Morning - choc shake
Lunch - salad
Snack - with breakfast
Tea - fish pie (with fish, veggies and potatoes from allowance)
Supper - choc shake and milk


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Hi Wales,

Thanks for making your diary - it's great to read it - your weight loss so far has been amazing, well done. Sounds like you are on top of 1000 and fitting it into your life perfectly and still loosing weight, so fantastic.


Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Have a great day Wales :) Really pleased to hear the scales and the clothes are doing what they are supposed to. It is very motivating isn't it, and certainly a payoff for your hard work. Hope the OH isn't suffering too much.

Do you have a fish pie recipe?


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Thanks for all the positive comments it really helps!

Laura - I don't have a recipie for fish pie but I always poach the fish in Milk in the oven rather than dry in foil. If it were a full fat pie would then use the milk for a sauce but I think today will mash some into the potatoes and just add some broc and cauli to the fish. Will cover OH side with cheese and hope that none melts onto my side - that would be terrible!
S: 14st0lb C: 12st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 1st10lb(12.24%)
Haha,yes, terrible. I love fish pie so much, one of my favs. I could do with a recipe. Might have a look for something using total zero yoghurt, although as am pretty much calorie counting now and just adding in 2 tetras I could use quark.

If I find a good recipe I'll post it!

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