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walking for weight loss - is it any good?

Hey, I walk for weight loss. I hate the gym as well! Along with counting calories I lost 13lb in my first four weeks (ignore the gain this last week - my fault entirely!) I usually do about six miles a day, five days a week, but you could probably do less for it to still have a good effect. My tips would be: a good pair of comfortable shoes, getting some hills into your route, and most of all keeping your regime regular :) it definitely works!
Walking definitely helps... I've heard this from many many experts so you're on the right track. Obviously it doesn't burn calories as quickly as a big workout in the gym...but I completely understand if you're not so up for this - I can never be bothered! Actually I have to say what surprised me is the difference that cycling can make. I understand depending on your location and surroundings this is not always possible... I live in Berlin at the mo where the state are pretty on the ball with cyclng paths etc. Anyway as soon as I realized this I purchased a bike and have cycled the 15min distance to work everyday since. I honestly did it just to save money and time but it had a surprising effect on my fitness and leg muscle definition!
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I certainly plan to walk it off, also planning training regimes and the like. BUT i strongly feel walking is a great exercise and i am trying to do 2-3km walks 2 to 3 times a week. I use my Iphone GPS (sorry i am a geek, haha) to track how far i have walked etc..

We should start a Minimins walking club..
Haha I use the sports tracker on my Nokia :) Really keeps me motivated, yeah thats a great idea! I am up for it! Disaster struck last night, coming to the end of my 4 mile walk i sprained my ankle so am outta action atm :(
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I'm planning on doing a lot of walking along with my Diet, as I've signed up for a 26k walk. I downloaded something called Endomondo to my nokia for free. It shows you were you've been on a wee map which is quite cool.

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