Walking on air


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Must tell you about my day.
I walked the dog,we went to the shops,Pete works in the veg shop so I leave Belle in the car[yes he takes the car I walk] and do my bit of shopping,
Well this morning I needed to have some passpote size photos done,the machine thingy was broken and someone suggested going to the photo studio,more expensive them the machine thingy but better photos.So I did the lady toke my photo explaining all the new rules about passport photos and as I need to renew my one I thought might as well get them done.Anyway she toke them and said its a really nice photo,
I said I hate photos taken,but since losing weight I am starting to like it.
She asked how much I had lost
I said 7st 10lb and the look on her face it was great.
The best thing was she said Well you do not look as though you have much more to lose.
I was so chuffed and landed up by telling 3 people about CD
giving 2 of them the free phone phone no.
The lady asked if I had any before photos
if so would I let her see them
This afternoon I had to go back to the shops so went in there with before photo and again the look on her face.
she said Oh my god you look so much younger,and showed the to another lady.
I was walking on air by then but........
As I was doing some shopping she came towards me using her mobil and i heard her say
Yes the cambridge diet.
She looked at me and said
hope you do not mind but I am telling my friend about you.
Well did I feel good are what??????
Whoops think I am going on again sorry.
Thanks for listening.{{{HUGS}}}:)
oh that is such a lovely story libbie and you have every right to be going on about it!!! bet you are just chuffed with yourself!! 7 stone is an amazing amount to lose well done you!!

Gen xx
woohoo libbie,
what a fab boost that must have been!!!
No wonder you're walking on air Libbie!!

All those compliments in one day..and well deserved too.

Bet you're pleased the photo booth was broken now!!

And well deserved compliments too!

You've certainly done a fantastic job
So happy for you Libbie and so well deserved!!!

Nice to be told your looking young and what a great walking advert you are!!!

7 stone 10 lbs. is fabulous weight loss!!!

It is true weight can be very aging...it makes us look old before our time...the clothes available don't help either:rolleyes:
What a lovely compliment !!

You must be well chuffed....and so you should - with a huge 7st 10lbs loss :D
You go on any time you like honey, with a success story like yours you should be shouting from the roof tops!
People like you inpsire others - end of. I am so happy for you, you are such a great 'encourager' that it is great to here you getting a good experience that you so deserve. Lots of love.
Libbie is one of my clients and I can now say friends. She has turned into a true butterfly.

Gone is the old Libbie now walks in a confident women with good self esteem wearing the most wonderful colours, colours she would not have worn back in January.

You will make a great CDC.

See you tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for your great coments.
I just want to shout aboutCD from the roof tops
I love telling people how I have lost weight.

You have all helped me so much,haveing this site full of like minded people who can relate with how I feel.

I just hope that my story will help others.I want the whole world to feel the way I do today.

Thanks again everyone.

Hi Linda
Your post was so nice,with out you and Amy I know I would never have got this far,
I just hope that when I become a CDC I am half as good as you are.
See you tomorrow
Love Libbiex
As I have said before Amy and I were just the vehicle to get you to your goal. The petrol, oil, water and map were all yours.

See you in the morning.

What a fab post. Thanks for telling us about your day libbie. No wonder you feel great - what a lovely day!!

I loved the part where the woman phoned her friend to tell her about you. :) How cool!!!

Youve really made my night - thank you!!!!
What a fabulous day you had libbie and so well deserved...........7st10lb is definitely something to shout about

Know what you mean about wanting to tell everyone about CD - took me ages to 'come out' but now you just can't shut me up lol This is absolutely the best diet ever
That is a lovely thing to happen and well done on the 7st 10lb loss that is amazing, it is a whole other person isn't it?