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Wannabe SkinnyMins

kerry b

Silver Member
Boo! I found you:D

I just ate 2 cheese + ham toasties + half a can of Heinz tomato soup.:mad
I forgot to bring any lunch with me so ate whatever i could find. Bang goes about 4 days worth of syns. Wouldn't mind so much if I had actually enjoyed it but I didn't. Im sure I will make it up over the week.
Awww that sucks!! Hate wasting syns! Especially when you forget lunch and you had something great and healthy lined up!!!

You'll be ok! Have you already used your hxA? Could you use it for the cheese? Work out the syns later and calculate how much you have for the week, i'm sure it will work itself out! At least it happened on Monday you've got all week to sort it lol
Man i've been starving all day! I've eaten porridge, cottage pie, pasta n sauce AND 1 and a half gammon steaks!!! And i'm still hungry!!! :( Don't know what to do!! Hopefully with the biggest loser being on later ill get a bit better! Might pop to the shop to get a yogurt!!! And maybe a curly wurly! Haven't had much superfree today, but I really don't feel like it!!! Will have lots of fruit for tomorrows lunch! Haven't had any syns either yet! So shop it is for me!!!
hi girls, I found u :)

am thinking of going to weigh in tomorrow cause was out and about today altho think i may have done to much to quick, as my back started to get sore and starting getting pains in my tummy again but feeling much better now

woohooo I love the biggest loser so helps to motivate me, does anyone else love it

Breakfastv- 1 x egg and 1 x toast (1 butter)

Lunch - fruit salad

for dinner today I made chicken, egg fried rice with feta cheese (hex a ) salad and pitta bread (7syns)

snack - tea and 3 cookies ( 7.5 syns)

total syns - 15.5 so not to bad

kerry thats rubbish about ur lunch but hannah is right at least its the start of the week plenty of time to work it off again...

am going to try and make a chicken pie tomorrow, but I want to find a way to keep the syns down in the pastry lol dont know if thats possible tho... I have also made a large pot of super speed soup am hoping to get a good boost for next weeks weight loss to get me started on my target for my friends wedding - 22nd august 2011 woohooo lol
If you think you're up to it then go ahead, might do you good?! Take it easy though, don't rush yourself...listen to your body!

I LOVE the biggest loser!! Really want Rob to win!! Can't believe they made them eat that rubbish food! Doesn't make sense!! Yeah it always motivates me to exercise, then when I'm on the crosstrainer feeling dead I think "if they can do it so can I" lol

Your day looks good 0.5 over isn't bad!! Ive ended up eating 3 extra light cheese triangles! I feel like I'm having a binge but at least it's within my syns and healthy versions of the food!!

Make chicken pie filing then transfer your bit to another dish and top with mash potato, brush a beaten up egg onto the top and prick with a fork, put into oven, is like a pie but it's free :D

How does your super speed soup taste? I did it once and it spilt all over my stove and burnt lol must try it again! That's so good that you've got a target date and a reason! That's all of us now!! Woohoo!!! Go Team SkinnyMins!! :D:D:D

Going back to support Rob lol
I will see how I feel in the morning :)

might make the pie but have the pastry lol but use all my syns, I really fancy pastry havent had it in ages.. but I will be really be good around it

I like the speed soup, its also nice over pasta as a sauce

oh god I love rob, I think he is amazing so motivating by himself, he has done so well

ano I cant believe some of them actually wanted to eat it, I wanted to throw something at the tv lol

u have been so good at the min, well done Hannah, u will be at target in no time.. u could be a target well before easter woohoooo and then u could celebrate with an easter egg haha just joking lol :)

kerry b

Silver Member
Sue you could make the pie the way Hannah suggested so it is totally free then have a wee yorkshire puding with it. Might be easier to syn.

My whole day has gone haywire coz of lunch so help me work it out. When I left home I was having an EE day but coz of the ham and dinner decided to make it a red day.

B: 56g special K yogurt banana & pear. I think that would be approx 10syns?
L: tomato soup appro 6syns
4 x wholemeal bread 2hex b & 6 syns
approx 28g cheese hex a
4 slices extra lean ham
D: 3 sausages 1.5syns carrot turnip approx 100g potataoes 4syns
Snacks: banana 2 pears grapes

Total syns:25.5.:eek:

If there is any way to reduce the syns then let me know. Cereal was supposed to be HE but when I checked later special K is not a HEX:mad:. Cj will be getting special k for breakfast and im going back to my bran flakes. Still, not as bad as i thought. If I stick to 10 syns or less for the rest of the week it should be ok.
Please tell me I havent messed up more than I thought.

Sue, good luck for tomorrow. But if you decide not to go don't stress about it. I hope that you feel a bit better physically and aren't too uncomfortable. Hope you don't mind my saying that the physical side of things will get better after 2 or 3 weeks. You can of course tell me to bog off and leave you alone:rolleyes:....

Hannah I have days where all i do is eat but you are sticking to plan so go eat as much as you like. Only 1 curly wurly though!

How about stating a daily achievement, something you feel you deserve a pat on the back for? Mine for today is I completely ignored the chocolate birthday cake sat on the kitchen counter all day at work and refused a piece when offered and it didnt even bother me!!!!:eek:
Good Luck with today Sue! Hope all goes well! And let us know if you decide to go to weigh in! :)

I'm making bf a pie for valentines day! I love pastry, but it's pretty high in syns! 5 syns per 28g plain flour! Or Jus-Rol Shortcrust Pastry Sheets, twin pack, frozen 225g each

52 Syns on Extra Easy
Original 52 Syns
Green 52 Syns

Jeeezus!! Lol!! Pastry is yumming though! But think i'm going to stick to a mash potato topping! Do you make your pastry from scratch??

I nearly died last night when sara and claire lost then they said one of them could stay! I thought they were going to be paired with Rob and was like nooooooo!!! Lol! I think Rob's on the black team next week with the women trainer which will be good! Can't wait! It's so motivated me to go to the gym today!! :D

I'm hoping to be at 10 stone by 13th March then lose an extra 7lbs by 5th June, but the March deadline might be pushing it! :sigh:

An easter egg as a treat would be good lol

Those syns seem about right to me, but like you said reduce your syns so that you don't go over your weekly mazimum et voile no damage done! :fingerscrossed:

A daily achievement sounds good! Well done for refusing the bday cake! The best bit about that is that it didn't even phase you!! Which means your mind is in the right place! :D What about you Sue, whats your daily achievement? Yesterday mine was not buying the choc biscuits I wanted! :D
hi girls,

went to class the morning just got weighed and ran lol just wanted to get it over with so that I dont put loads back on for no reason ya no, dont want to use this as an excuse cause I can still food optimise lol :) and guess what I lost 1lb woohooo :) am so pleased with that

OMG i cant believe thats the amount of syns in pastry, think I will make to tiny pies pastry for bf and mash for me, then I can still have a mouthful of pastry and wont be as bad as a whole pie full, yea Hannah I was going to attempt making my own pastry lol never done it before

well done girls on ur achievements yesterday thats fab, esp the choc cake I well would of had a wee bit and thought it cant be that bad lol and I have a whole week to work it off again, my daily achievement for yesterday is that I didnt have any cakes ir buns yesterday that my mum brought me when she came to visit I have a fruit salad instead lol but was really tasty and refreshing

oh I know hannah I just love rob, yea I think he is in the black team to, am so proud of him lol

kerry thanks for ur advise, still abit uncomfortable but had to go to hospital on sunday night and they made me more comfortable so its ok just now, thanks :)

have a good day girls x
Well done for going to class sue + on the loss. Hope your day continues to Ho so well.
I just had the weirdest breakfast. I overslept this morning so didnt get breskfast til 10.30 + ended up eating th leftovers from dinner. last nite lol. Sausages potatoes carrots + turnip all madhed together. It was lovely. Lunch will be the egg + toast I should have had for brekkie + dinner is beef + veg casserole with potatoes + peas.
Hope u both have s good day
Lol Kerry I have no idea how you managed Dinner for Breakfast lol so well done you for sticking to everything correctly even though you slept in (you lucky thing :()

And woohoo about your house sale!!! :D You'll find somewhere in 25 days! Good luck! :D:D:D

Thats awesome Sue well done :D YAY :woohoo:

I made my own pastry last time and it was soooo thick lol bf liked it but for me it just felt like id messed up and it was wasted!

Well done on opting for the fruit salad, that's what i'm going to have for lunch today :)

I'm going to spend my lunch hour going for a walk! I hope it's not toooo cold out! As it's freezing inside my office lol MUST make it to the gym tonight!! Then i'm off babysitting! Good job my cottage pie is already made for tonight's tea!! :D

Hope everyone is still feeling positive and having a great day!! GO US!!! :D
woohooo Kerry congrats on the house thats fab, and good luck with finding somewhere else to live although am sure u will be fine :)

lol I cant believe u had that for breakfast but at least u didnt have something full of syns, what was it like having it for breakie lol

today menu look like -

breakfast - tea (milk from hexa), egg mushrooms and tomatoes

Lunch - Super speed soup

Dinner - chicken pie made with mash and veg

and am also going to try and eat cherries, orange and pineapple

good job on the homemade cottage pie yumyum think I might make that some time this week to I love it :)
Your day looks very good Sue! Don't forget to update your statistics on your profile!!! That's the fun bit lol

I'm going to go look up all the super speed food, as i'm tempted to do a bit of success express this week! Only for a few days, as I sts last week! And to stay on track with my targets I need another big loss before I settle down to 1-2lbs a week lol Stupid me and setting myself unrealistic targets lol
hannah u will be grand, when u put ur mind to it you can really lose loads in a week

just look at the week before xmas when u lost 7lb in a week and then 2 weeks ago when u lost 5.5lb, look back at those weeks and see what u ate and what different exercise you done

I would love to get like 2lb off this week so that would be me with 2 stone left to lose woohooooo doesnt seem that unachieveable now... but the only thing is I cant do any exercise for a few weeks, docs orders lol cause I cleaned the house yesterday and appartently i over done it and thats why my back is also sore today :( so am going to really concentrate on good food this week and suppose I have no excuses as am off all week

let me know if u come across any really tasty super speed foods that we wouldnt normally eat lol
Yeah I just checked I think just going to to the gym regularly really changes things! So I will DEFINATELY be going tonight NO EXCUSES!!!!!!

Also really need to make a soup as well, as that definately helps, but can't do that tonight, so will have fruit for lunch tomorrow as well! Then soup Thurs, Fri and Sat.

Being off work usually makes things harder for me, so I hope you're not like me lol on my holidays and bank hols etc I usually eat more and worse food. However this year that has GOT to change! I'm hoping it will as my will power has got a lot stronger recently and binging is happening a lot less frequently. So hopefully my brain is following slimming world with me now!! :D

Just concentrate on the diet and don't worry about the exercise. You can always just go out for a little walk if it driving you crazy, surely that can't hurt? And at least you can tell bf that he has to clean the house lol

I think having superspeed fruit like frozen berries for breakfast might be good! Maybe I should add some to my porridge? But it seems silly to add extra food in if i'm happy with just my porridge lol Fish is very super speed food I believe and sweet potato too.

I've just brought some knitting needles and wool so I am going to try to teach myself to knit lol Going to attempt a scarf first I think.....will update you on this in due course!
GO U, i used to love knitting but I could never cast on lol so my hobby changed to reading,

well today has went really well food wise, altho I got really bored and decided to do some cleaning am dead if my mum finds out lol I cleaned all the windows, shampoo and hoovered the stairs, we have a wee room with clothes and crap in it totally cleared it out and cleaned the whole thing so guess what never got round to making the pie and now am totally wrecked and back is breaking ah well lol I hate day time tv lol

so for dinner I am now having fish, salad and some s.w chips, bf is going to have chicken instead of fish lol its a lazy dinner but oh so tasty

sometimes I add fruit into my cereal to increase my super free food also means I dont have to worry about not snacking on fruit if I havent ate enough and usually keeps me fulling for longer, u should try it

cant wait to hear how ur scarf is coming along x
Well I can now cast on and I've done about 3 rows! So in my opinion tonight was a success with learning to knit, although early stages!!!

Cottage pie was good, boiling hot as put in microwave for ages to ensure piping hot lol

Hope both your evenings went to plan! I've just had a yoghurt and me thinks its bedtime now lol

Sue stop cleaning!!!! Otherwise I'll tell your mum! ;)
lol ano, gary my other half threatened to send me home and take my key off my if I do anymore cleaning the mara lol...

well my night has gone well, had fish, salad and baked potato for dinner

and I now have a pudding in the oven, s.w friendly of course apple betty it says its 2 syns but I changed it a bit so think its free

apple sliced and baked, covered in vanialla muller light, vanialla essence (tiny drop), cinnamon and 2 egg all beat up and poured on top

suppose the vanilla essence would have some syns but I think for all I used it would only be 0.5 syn

I will let u no if its nice

have a good night everyone x

p.s well done on the knitting hannah u can make me a scarf :) you have plenty of time before the winter haha

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