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  1. HI Everyone,

    Im turnng 30 in August and I want to reach my goal I have 163 DAYS TO LOSE 61LBS!!

    You can follow me on a picture app which is well known ( wont let me put the name lol) #wannabeslimb430 to see my meal pictures :) Please add me if you do go on there and i'll follow you :)

    Hope to make friends in the process as we can all do this ladies and gents :)

    A little about me... recently been diagnosed with borderline coeliac disease so I will be following a gluten free diet. Ive been advised to limit the gluten in my diet due to painful IBS Symptoms.

    Day 1

    x2 Genius seeded toast with organic crunchy peanut butter

    Salad with avocado. Chicken breast in nando medium rub

    x2 Sainsburys gluten free sausages. Sweet Potato + roasted veg in homemade tomato sauce.

    Snacks - Graze Dragons Nest. Bananna. Vegetable crisps 50g

    Drinks - Sparkling water. Camomile tea x2. Gingerbread Latte (nescaffe). Skimmed latte with sugar free vanilla. Water

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