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Want feel healthy and feel fabulous!

Hello everyone,

Im very much a newbie! I have been researching CWP for a while and having spoken to someone who is on it and reading all your wonderful motivational stories I think im going to give it a try!

Very nervous though as I have no will power and hate dieting - needs must though!

I have booked an appointment with a consultant, shes coming to mine of Friday.

Is it wrong as soon as I knew someone was coming round first thing I thought was 'I'll get some biscuits in and we can have them with tea' :giggle: Must get out of that mindset.

I am really enthuased but also worried as I have two events coming up that i know I wont be able to get out of eating/drinking.

Anyway, hello again and I look forward to posting my diaries.

Apologies in advance for the breakdowns and 'I cant do this' chat.

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Met my consultant tonight, she is really lovely.

Decided as I have hen weekend coming up that I will start on the 2nd May, im really excited but nervous as I know this is going to be difficult.

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Im really enjoying reading everyones diaries! You are all doing so well.

I cant wait to start. Im actually sick of eating crap. Its like I think I can eat rubbish before I start Cambridge, which is wrong. I feel rubbish the now and so looking forward to getting healthy.

Start date 2nd May!! Bring it on!
Well I start on Monday ahhh getting nervous now.

Need to keep reminding myself its not forever.

Is anyone I can 'buddy' up with for support or is anyone starting on monday?


This will be my year
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I'm starting tomorrow, so we can keep each other company :D


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Hey newbies :) I'm on day 4 and today has been much easier than days 1,2 and 3, an my clothes are looser already so I'm hopeful for my 1st weigh in on Tuesday :)

Good luck to you both!!
Hello :)

Well Ive started, on my first shake!

Didnt hav the best of weekends, in bed with a sickness bug :( CD advisors said that I should get appeitite back before starting so I felt miles better yesterday so have started today.

Im really nervous, feel ok just now as i still dont fancy food but wondering how I'll feel when im hungry later in the week.

ahhhh hows everyone else getting on?


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My first week has been ok - a few down moments, but my first weigh in is tonight so I have got to keep on track! For the most part it has been fine!

I found I was more hungry on day 2 I think but barely feel hunger at all now!
Good luck with your weigh in.

Well its going ok. Although i think I put too much water into porridge and it was horrible :sigh: ate it though because i was feeling really faint (not sure if thats hunger or im still unwell).

Does anyone know if the porridge should be thick?
Well, im not feeling great, still have complete motivation to do this but feel really faint and no energy whatsoever.

Is this normal on day 1, granted I havent eaten properly since friday but im so glad im not working tonight or I couldnt have coped.

Im sooo hoping this gets easier soon.

apologies for breakdown/rant.


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It will get better - I promise!

I've just had my 1st weigh in and I'm feeling on top of the world. Take each day at a time - baby steps!

You can do it. Keep your water going and keep busy :)
Thank you love, going to have an early night and stop feeling sorry for myself!

That's great about your weigh in well done xxx

Sleep was the best option, feel better this morning.

Although really struggled with the pecan and maple porridge! Might need to swap them for soups/shakes!

How long did everyone manage to do ss 100%.

If I was to try ss+ how does that work, do I have a meal +2 shakes a day? Is the weight loss slower with ss+?

Jo xxx


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I am on SS+, so doing 3 shakes per day plus milk, except yesterday I had halibut and cos lettuce for lunch as I had a work lunch. I called the restaurant in advance tomake my meal SS+ compatible. My CDC said that was fine!

The Maple Pecan porridge is the only one I can bear, but only just! I'd just swap if you really cannot stand it?

I don't think there is much difference, as I still lost a heck of a lot last week? I mainly have the milk in my coffees as I do LOVE my office nespresso machine!
Thank you.

Ohh might try another few days of 100% ss then have a meal. I'll have a word with my CD advisor. Well done with organising CD compatiable meal at work event, its often difficult to find any healthy options at these things.

Yum to nespresso!!
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Hi, i'm new on this too. My CDC said that starting on the 810 was best for me as i'm not going from one extreme to the other and I can still expect a weight loss of around a stone a month. Which is much better for me. I can have 3 CD 'meals' and a small dinner each night. Maybe try that, its not so strict to start off with xx