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Want to give me a kick up the ass.....? Please do!

:wave_cry:Hi All,

I have been on CD SS since August 29th - to date I have lost 2stone 2lb
(need to update my ticker) However 13lbs of that was in the first week, to say I have gone the scenic route is an understatement!
I was so determined when I started to stick to t 100% - infact that first week was the only week I have stuck to it 100%.

Anyway I don’t want to bore you so I am on here asking for a telling off as I want & need to lose this weight (3 more stone to go to get into a healthy BMI) and I want to be at goal 11stone, by my 30th on 27th Feb……I am currently 14st 4lb

I have a Ball tomorrow nt to go to and a lovely size 16 flattering/slimming dress to wear but can I stop eating this wk?! NO! So I am off to my CDC tonight and getting a full load of packs for next week and I am STICKING TO IT 100%! Its easy, I know it is, Ive done it before so why am I being a idiot?!

Ggggrrrrr go on tell me off – I deserve it! :mad::cry::p:break_diet:
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Hiya Ellen,

I've been the same, I stuck to it religiously for 3 months but the past couple of weeks I just can't stop picking at anything and everything!

I agree it is easy once your into the swing of it again, but getting back into it is the hard part for me.

Anyway I've restarted again today so come on lets kick our butts into gear and set ourselfs a mini goal for xmas!



I lurve lurve lurve bars
I dont want to tell you off,I have been having a major struggle this week,dont know why,it just doesnt make sense does it?!The main thing is not to give up,I think it is getting so close to xmas,I often see people struggling when they are close to goal,I now can fully understand that feeling
I have wi tonight,the end of our 12 week group and I really feel it is all to do with that.I am going to move up the plans as I realise I am having a struggle and when I am ready.... that day may never come I will drop back down to ss+,butI know I will still lose weight on 810 or a 1000 so for now thats what Im going to do,dont know if that helps
Hi andju

I think that is why i am struggling at the moment because i'm not far from my target. I'm moving up the plans from next week I think so hopefully that will stop me picking as I can actually have food!!!!!woohoo!



Optifast Girl!
If you want it then do it. Keep your focus and don't try to look into the future at your goal but consentrate on day to day. Looking at how much you have to lose can be discouraging and overwhelming. Just go day to day 100%. Move to SS+ if you have to or further up the plans. It takes determination, dedication, discipline and desire to get through this. Also keep in mind, do you really want to do this all over again, I know I don't and as we know it is a lot harder to try and do it again. Like my doctor told me when I started "If you are going to do it, why not do it right?"
Just my thoughts with a little kick!
I'm the same - travelling the scenic route!

and i keep nibbling but I have weekend FULL of events so will be having one meal a day until Tuesday next week and then i will be 100% until xmas. I am near goal but get so hungry in this weather.

glad to hear i am not the only one!


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hi andju

I think that is why i am struggling at the moment because i'm not far from my target. I'm moving up the plans from next week I think so hopefully that will stop me picking as I can actually have food!!!!!woohoo!

Hi well it does make sense to do that,for me anyway..cos if youre picking then its not ss anyway and feeling frustrated in my case leads to eating..so why not move up to a plan you can eat on,its the draw of the losses on SS that pulls me back, but at the moment,Im not in the right mindset so maybe once xmas is done it will be fresh and new again who knows I dont even understand my own mind!!
Hey enjoy your food when you move up
:DThanks so much guys - just what I needed! I also need to keep coming on here and reading peoples amazing stories as it keeps me going & is such an inspiration!

Well went to weigh in last nt & have lost 6lbs according to her scales since the lst time I went and weighed at home this am and I am back at 14st 4 so I am well happy - also got into a pair of skinny jeans this am that wouldnt even go over my knees before! :D;)

So back on it - after the RAF Ball tonight!

Thanks ladies!

Oh and my mini goal for xmas is to get too 13st 7lb!
You will be fine, you just needed to get re-focused - which you have now as you want to get to 11st by your 30th B-day.

I think it is right what people say, people can get off-track when they get closer to their goal. I can't understand that really at the moment as I'm at the start of my CD journey and i am so disgusted when I catch my reflection, it makes me stick to my shakes.
Hope you have a great night tonight and get back on track. My only thought is why waste more time (and money)? If you have decided this is what you want to do, don't give yourself any other choice.
Good luck.

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