Want to increase metabolism and burn fat effectively?

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  1. AmandaJayne

    AmandaJayne Trainee Maintainer

    Read this on another site and wrote it out in my own words ...
    Want to increase metabolism and burn fat effectively?

    Do interval training – lots of short
    bursts of activity.
    E.g. Walk 1 minute run 2 minutes
    walk 1 minute run 2 minutes, etc.
    Or cycle the same way, or any other form of exercise – high and low intensity. Good for fat burning.
    Fill body with high quality protein and complex carbohydrates and good fats.
    Don’t let calories go below 1400 – 1500 a day. Fat should be 30%. This will get metabolism going nicely.
    Lift weights and push yourself beyond what you’re used to. Makes for firm not big muscles!
    Eat 5-6 meals a day. Each meal will increase metabolism, and burn fat.
    Wondered what you all thought?
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  3. Kate

    Kate CDC/PT/PITA

    That all sounds very familiar! All good basic principles of a healthy and active lifestyle. Did you find them on a personal training website?
  4. AmandaJayne

    AmandaJayne Trainee Maintainer

    Yeah, it was a forum I was browsing on.

    It also suggested that working at the same intensity all the time was not effective i.e. running at the same pace for 20 minutes, (hence the interval training/high and low impact).

    It stated that not eating enough and not eating regularly (i.e. 5-6 times a day) reduces effectiveness of fat burning/increasing metabolism.

    It DOES seem to make sense, so I am considering eating (healthy) snacks during the day, to help my body become more effective at increasing metabolism and using fat stores.

    Apparently, not eating enough fat causes the body to want to hold on to what its got. This is news to me. It suggests eating 30% 'good' fats. I would guess that this would come from salmon, mackeral, fresh tuna, etc., that contain Omega 3 and 6. I do that anyway.

    Anyway, it's food for thought!:)
  5. Kate

    Kate CDC/PT/PITA

    I wouldn't say it wasn't effective, but it's not AS effective.

    Indeed - eating six small meals a day is a good way to keep your metabolism up throughout the day and your blood sugar fairly level so you don't feel hungry. The trick is to make sure it's what you would usually eat spread through the day, rather than your usual three meals plus extra snacks (which is a common mistake).

    Yup, the body needs fat just like it needs protein and carbs. You should be aiming for around 25-30% fat, 50-60% carbs and 10-15% protein as part of a healthy balanced diet. :D
  6. GreenDayJen

    GreenDayJen Full Member

    Slimming World
    hey kate! it's been a while! what a surprise to find you in an exercise forum! not! how are you? when's the wedding? hope you're well xx
  7. Kate

    Kate CDC/PT/PITA

    Mm, I know, I'm nothing if not predictable! I'm great! Wedding is the 25th August and we're actually sort of roughly prepared for it. It's actually almost exactly 6 months away which is slightly scary. How are you?
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