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Want to start, but can I continue when I start uni?


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Wondering if you guys can help. I am fed up of trying SW and WW and literally getting nowhere despite the effort on my part - I usually lose around 7lb and then stop.

I would really like to give lipotrim a try, however I am starting uni in September. 5 weeks away (by which time i would hope to be comfortable with the plan)

My worry is that I dont want to be the weirdo making a shake in the corner, when I'm trying to make new friends - gonna be hard enough being classed as a mature student lol!

I guess I'm hoping you guys can tell me how you make shakes discreetly whilst in public, or is there an alternative?

Thanks in advance xx
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I think it depends on your course! I am in Uni 9-6 and we dont have any facilities to make shakes up. I have started today (again) and I am back like you in 5 weeks. I like my shakes with crushed ice and struggle with them without it (fussy, I know!). Buy a shaker cup off ebay and see how you go.

Protein Shaker Cup / Bottle for Protein Shakes Black | eBay

If you stick to the plan 100% you may well have lost a lot of the 31lb you want to lose by then anyway and then you can go to refeed!
If your course is shorter days it may be easier to manage.
I know what you mean about being the odd one out, I am the oldest on my course!!


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Wow that shaker looks amazing!!! Uni days will be a little less hours but still a dull day..

I have spent the day reading threads on here and have decided to go for it! Have discussed it with my partner and he is up for it as log as it doesn't make me in a bad mood - Hmmmmm lol think I'll stay away from him for at least the first week! Lol

Gonna start on Thursday as I have a meal out on Wednesday and don't want to cancel! Hopefully will help me saw money too :)

If you don't mind me asking, what went wrong last time?!



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I did LT in 2009 and went from 12st 8.5lb to 10st 10lb... I stopped as I was going on hols and I stayed the same whilst away. I came back and lost a little bit more and maintained until exams the following May! I gained about 7lb during that time mainly because I wasnt walking as much! I lost it again before my hols last year and again went away and gained about 3lb which I lost promptly. I maintained around 10st 10lb (with gains and losses) until exams this year when I gained 10lb (oops!). I tried to get back on LT in May/June this year but life got in the way and home was exceptionally stressful.

Im now 11st 2.5lb so 6.5lb above my LT weight. I should have carried it on the 1st time until I reached my goal but I find it exceptionally hard to do in term time. I have an hour commute morning and evening so I am often out of the house for 12 hours as I have to leave very early to get parking spaces!

I really would like to get to 9st 10lb and then re-assess.... in my mind 9st 6lb is preferable but maybe not realistic! (I managed to get to 10st 4.75lb maintaining but not for long!)


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So you have actually done REALLY well..! I would love just to be in the 10's fullstop.

I think I shall follow you closely because you are clearly doing something right :D!
So obviously you are going back on LT, is it really, really hard?! Kinda wish I had started this at the start of the holidays then could be defo going into refeed when I start uni.

How has your first day been?!


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1st day has been ok..... thinking of getting my last shake but not in the mood! S'pose I better get my butt in gear and go make it up, then I think an early night!


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BTW.... I am studying midwifery and going into final year... Yipppppeeeeeee
No way!!! That's what I'm going to study in sept!!! Totally off lipotrim topic haha - how is it?! I know it's gonna be tough but is it doable?! Which uni do you go to?! x

I take it you are doing it in the UK? I am in Ireland and its a 4y course rather than 3 so you will qualify much quicker!

I have fallen off the wagon this week totally so I am restarting tomorrow...... Hope you are going well!
Leah, it might be worth having a look at Exante as well as Lipotrim. They do more soups and also 2 types of bars. Maybe it would be easier making a soup or eating a bar? x

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