Wanted to share some happy news


Ive not posted on this site before, (but i used to post now and again on DH.)

Thought Id better first introduce myself; Ive been doing Cambrige since 7th May 06. I started at 20st 6 and felt awful about my size. Im 27 and live in Gosport on the South Coast.

Anyway, as the title of my post says, I wanted to share some happy news! I wanted to post it here as I think the WeMits would understand where im coming from on this one.

In March (before diet) I went on holiday to Rome. I spent the three months leading up to the holiday secretly panicking about whether i'd fit in the plane seat (and secretly binging every time I thought about it, as a way of putting it out of my mind!) I went on holiday and did (only just) fit in the seat. It was so uncomfortable and it took loads of effort to get the seatbelt done up. Im sure my partner noticed my struggles, but he didn't mention it. When in Rome i merrily ate and drank (as in the back of my mind I think i was either congratulating myself that I fit in the plane seat, or I was eating to not have to think about the embarrasment of the return journey). Again on the return journey I fit in the seat but only just!

In May I embarked upon my Cambrigde journey and last week went on holiday to cyprus. Having lost 5 stone that plane seat was a hell of a lot more comfortable, and the seat belt had about 12 inches spare!!!!

I know that i'm still 15 stone 6 and have about another 5 stone to go, but the weight that ive lost so far has made such a huge difference.

On holiday we went to the restauraunts with the nicest abmiance, rather than me secretly checking out which ones had the sterdiness of the chairs! (not that I ate or drank, i managed to SS all week!)

I sunbathed (all be it with a sarong), rather than refusing to take off my trousers or skirt!

I explored ruins without getting out of breath!

I even suggested that we go on a boat trip where we could jump off the back of the boat and swim in the sea!

Had I not started this diet I know that I would have turned down the holiday and would never have dreamed of jumping off the back of a boat in just a tankini, infront of 40 people!

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with someone

lots of love!!!

Polly x
Good on you Polly,

What a difference eh? I bet it was really hard to SS when on holiday but you must feel so proud of yourself now and quite deservedly. Good luck with continuing success.
Congratulations on ssing on holiday. There's not many who could have done that. And so pleased about the plane seat. You are doing very well and when you have your next holiday it'll be even easier.
Irene xx
Polly!! Well done on your fantastic weight loss.. and thank you for that inspiring story!!:)
Hi Polly
Another Gosport girl!! That's three of us that I know of :D

Thanks for sharing your fab news with us. Only someone who has had a lot of weight to lose will understand the significance of what you spoke about. Some people just wouldn't understand what an achievement it is not to feel deep dread at getting on a plane because of the seat belts.

I flew to New Zealand in 2004 and it was the first time I'd EVER flown. I was absolutely sick with worry about the seat belts ... 26 hours is a long time to be sitting there uncomfortable! It wasn't unbearable: like you I 'just' fitted in the seat. But little things like not being able to eat from the tray because it perched on my belly and having to contort myself to get the belt fastened made things 'awkward'. I know it would be different if I flew now, being over 5st lighter.

Keep up the brilliant effort: I'm really looking forward to hearing about more of your achievements as they happen! :D
WOW that is fantastic well done you!!

I too dread the aeroplane seatbelt bit (and was quite releaved we are staying in the UK this year, and I love going overseas!!) Also the seat thing in restaurant thing too - one thing I never confessed to my hubby I just made out I wanted to try somewhere else or go back to the one with the sofas not chairs! How dreadful!

Anyway, that is a really lovely story, and thank you for sharing with us, you have done very well and its an inspiration to us all. Do you have any before and after pics to show us?!
Hi Polly,

You are an amazing inspiring woman well done you. Did you SS all holiday if so how much did you lose during this fantastic holiday?
This is fabulous news to someone like me who last time we went on holiday just before the diet couldn't fit in the plane seat with the armrest down,Had to have an extender seat belt (blush), couldnt put the tray down and was incredibly uncomfortable.
I used to hate going to all the little beach restaurants with plastic chairs as well. However I now feel that I could cope with this.
By the time I go back on holiday I will be at my goal weight will wear a bikini (stretch marks be damned) and will sit wherever I damn well please
What a trulylovely story Polly....you deserve to feel proud of yourself! :D :D
Polly, we all know exactly where you are coming from. I had to ask for a belt extension when we went to Floridas a few years ago. THe humiliation, I just wanted to curl up and die. The restaurant seat thing too; it is just not something a slim person would ever think about, but I know how you feel, the thoguht of a chair buckling under my weight, OMG. Also trying to move through a packed restaurant where there is little space between tables, that can be a 'blushing ' experience, but not for you anymore Polly! Well done, you really are an absolute star, 5 stone is phenomenal and you are just going to do better and better. Thank you for sharing your story, it is reading posts like your that really firms up the determination and reminds me how valuable what we are all achieving is. Love and hugs
Polly, that is such a lovely positive post and very inspirational! I went to a training course at a hotel last week and found that I could easily fit into the little armchairs that I normally suffer with! It was an amazing feeling.

Good luck with the rest of your loss.
Hi Cheb, IreneH, Zareena, DQ, Russian Doll, Roch, CD Counsellor, Ajax, Belly bee, Diva, Barb, Flopster and Mrs Skint !

Thank you all so much for your replies!

Its people like you, with your encouraging comments and support that make this diet do-able, so thank you xxx

Ajax- Ive not put any before and after pics on yet, but I hope to in the next week or so.

Belly bee- I only lost 3 lb on holiday and completely SSed all week and swam loads!. Maybe its because I had a bar every day as it was easier, usually I only have 1 or 2 bars at the most per week and lose 4lb on average. Usually im not one to moan about 3 lb, but on holiday, with all that effort involved I wanted to have lost about 16 lb !!!!!

At the end ofthe holiday I treated myself to some lovely bvlgari sunglasses, telling myself that they only cost what I would have spent on food and drink for a week! (Im now getting to grips with the food addiction, but the shopping addiction is rampant and getting worse!!!)

As someone mentioned, im doing so much more on holiday and starting to live my life....so far Ive lost 5 stone, so I cant wait to see what life holds when ive lost 10 stone!!!!

lots of love and hugs

Polly xxxxx
Well done Polly. Thank you for sharing it!!
It really helps me to keep focused when I read posts like yours.

Jazzy x
:D WOW! Well done Polly! I totally understand about the plane seats, my other half lives in Glasgow and I used to get the plane to see him, but the more comfortable I got in the relationship, the more weight I put on and it was more of a struggle getting in the seat so now I only go up by car as there is noone to laugh at me then!

Im going to Florida in 2008 and I dont want to feel that dread of not fitting in the plane seat - or in the rides..

So... WELL DONE for doing so well, I bet you felt brilliant 5 stone lighter and having that excess on the belt! Keep up the good work and when you lose that 5 stone you will probably get lost in those plane seats!!!