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    I have been eating a low carb high protein for three days and unsure if i am right in what i am doing to get me into ketosis

    day 1: protein shake for breakfast
    tin salmon and salad for lunch
    salad and steak for dinner
    1/2 avacado

    day 2: same as above

    day 3 protein shake for breakfast
    bacon and eggs for lunch
    tin salmon and salad for dinner

    cream in coffee

    Is this enough to get me into ketosis or what am i doing wrong can some one please help!!:wave_cry:
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    The diet does not kill energy. The first few days, or even the first week or two, can lead to carb withdrawal symptoms but after those have gone you feel good, full of energy and even pretty optimistic!

    Not everyone suffers carb withdrawal. Of those who do, some will have very mild symptoms and others, fairly severe (it is known in Atkins circles as 'Atkins Flu') but it always passes.

    Make sure you keep up your low carb vegetable intake. This seems to make low carbers feel better than if they skimp on veg. Drink lots of water or other permitted fluids!

    Good luck!

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