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Wardrobe cleanse!

I've just had a mini-argument with my husband because of the dreaded "honey, I need some more clothes!"
I obviously got the "whaaaat?? You've got loads of clothes!!"
Well, here's how it is.. I DO have loads of clothes.. But most of them are 1 or 2 sizes too big!! And I want some clothes that I feel good in, and which embrace my becoming new shape! I'm so sick of wearing baggy kaftan tops which, before I started to loose weight were a god send because I could sit comfortably without the embarrassment of a bulging belly and overhanging muffin tops! But now I'm fitting nicely into size 12s I think I can get away with more shapely and fitting clothes! I'm still a stone or so away from my size 10s (pre pregnancy Calvin kleins-my target) but I think I'm deserving of a few new clothes!!

So my mission of the day is to have a huge clearout and just get the clothes I don't want out of the house and down to the charity shop! Then I can have a clear idea on what I've got (and prove to my husband that I dont actually have loads of clothes at all!!)
Sorry if that was a bit of a rant! Just needed to have a girly outburst!! Comments welcome!! :)
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I've just done the same to prove a point that nothing fit, gave us a good laugh looking at how much some things now drown me! I've got about another stone to go and trying to hold off my shopping trip until then saved loads for it! Can't wait to wear something which makes me look as good as I feel
It's a great feeling isn't it?! I can't believe I used to say "I'm so fat" when I was a size 12!! Hindsight is a wonderful thing! Oh to be 21 again!!! X


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Haha I'm only just 20 now :p I love the satisfaction of throwing practically everything in charity bags! Can't wait until my Newcastle shopping spree never been to the metro centre before can see myself coming back poor!


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Spare a thought for us inbetweenies too, I'm currently a 16 but with a wardrobe full of 18s and 20s, but can't go and splurge on a load of 16s as I'm still losing...?!?!?! Making do with bits from Primark and H&M and a lot of waist nipping belts at the mo!



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I dropped 5 sizes, but had no other sizes of clothes cause for at least the last 6 years I was an 18. I HAD to buy new stuff, but restricted it to asda, tesco & primark stuff. I had a budge of 40 - 50 per dress size! Talk about creative! Now I'm only just allowing myself to spend over 10 quid on an item of clothing- cause I WILL stay at this size forever!


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I agree with whats said above - get to primark! And ignore your fella mine has loads of clothes but never wears any cos they dont fit. Reason they dont fit is cos he will never try anything on in shops and buys a 34 even tho he is always a 36 and has been since we met!!!!!!


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I was going to say, treat it like pregnancy, you know how you wear the same stuff as its only a few months?


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You should post on the clothes exchange sticky to see if anyone has anything they want to pass on. Its cheaper than even Primark!
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I agree - get down Primark, You've done really well, you deserve to feel nice in what you're wearing and its not such a biggie if its only for a short period of time cos you won't have spent much cash.