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Warning horrible toilet question??


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Hi all, sorry to come up with a really horrid question but does anyone have very strange poo on CD?? Or am I very strange?? Was wooried with what came out today so just thought Id ask!!! Thanks its good to know were all so close we can discuss these things!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Sarahxx.
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Hey Sarah,

From what I have heard... and experienced, SS does affect what goes on down there. Some people suffer from constipation, I had the opposite problem for the odd few days in the first week or so. I was a bit worried about it being unhealthy but my CDC assured me it was just my body's way of detoxing, to let it sort itself out and it would be better in a day or so... and it was. Now my body seems to have sorted itself out and I am much more normal and regular... lol

Hope that helps? xx


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Thanks for that its just nice to hear that someone else has had the same cos all the posts on here always seem to be about the lack of toilet action!!!!!!!! Sarahxx.
Can I join this club lol. My poop is the same. But hey I would rather be this way than the other to be honest.


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Yes its what im talking about but also and this sounds really weird and no I didnt touch it!!!! But it seemed slimy!!!! On wiping that is, taking it this is something to do with the fact of burning stored fat??? God this posts getting worse by the minute!!!!!!! Sarahxx.


Not sure about why it would be slimey.....didn't think to ask that at my training!! :giggle::doh:

but yeah.......all is well...just feels funny but it won't be like that all the time...I'm not saying it'll go away perminantly though!!


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Thanks Coley, its a great thing this site and being able to ask questions without being face to face as I know I would never have brought this up with my counsellor in a chat!!!!!!! Sarahxx.


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Could also all be in my head that anything was different!!! Suppose now I dont think of food as much I have time to ponder lifes other dilemas LOL!!!!!!!! To much time on my hands I think!!! Sarahxx.
Definately have experienced some different loo habits since being on CD!! Colour change is the first thing that comes to mind! you're not alone LOL

Nikki x


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hi sarah

i am exactly the same as you

dark slimy poo

just like something out of a swamp euk

sorry to be so gross but it needs saying


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Slimey on occasion, but generally hard dark rabbit poo!! :eek:
mines a very pale sandy colour

what a discussion xxxxxx:eek:


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Thanks everyone for a highly enlightening discussion on this fantastic topic!!!!!!!Sarahxx.


Sarah you don't say how long you've been ssing.Most poo problems are def.just temporary.
The v dark colour I would put down to the high mineral content of the shakes.Iron especially makes poo black.
I've noticed that the husks make them a bit floaty & need a second flush to send them away.
Also I think there's no need to be embarrassed to discus this end of the business.We talk all the time about what goes in one end & what happens to it when when it's on board.What comes out is just the next stage in the sequence & of no lesser import.
Smelly yes but vital & universal.
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Absolutley, if we dont share these experiences then no one will ever know what is normal and what they need to seek help on, its so hard to bring up some topics, and poo problems, in any shape or form are common on a VLCD.

Mine was just like yours at first, and then the rabbit droppings came!!!!!
Definately best to discuss!

When my daughter first went on the diet i told her she'd have to discuss her poo with me - and she nearly didn't do the diet!! When she did her first ketostix my son wanted to know if it had gone pink and she was shouting at him "don't look at my wee"!!!!!!!!!

I'm on PH and noticed that it doesn't always flush away first flush!!
:jelous: Memo to myself

eeeeeeeeeeew - That will teach me to eat my lunchtime chocolate mix-a-mousse at the computer while reading the minimims forum - especially threads like this!!!! Back to the kitchen for me.


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This is very interesting. I have the dark rabbit poo at the moment which are sometimes hard coz I don't take my movicol frequently. But at least I know I'm not the only one.


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