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Warning : Long Rant

Hi Gang,
just thought id share my week 18 weigh in story, I started a new job some weeks ago and had to change my pharmacist to one that is open on a Saturday, I usually get all different people to weigh me now and most of them arent that nice. Last week I weighed in late so to get back on track I went to get weighed early this week on Saturday and I was over the moon when I had lost 5lbs! I was so pleased coz I was expecting 2lbs and would have been happy. The pharmacist and the lady who weighed me were saying how amazing my losses were and that they are unusual on LT.
Then a third lady who was working behind the counter shouted over " dont you get expecting to lose like that each week it will slow to 1lb to 2lb" So I informed her that I had been on LT for 18 weeks and had only lost 2lb once, and that there was a whole forum on the internet of people having the same losses as me. She started laughing and said " thats all made up on the internet!! Those people are just making their losses up!!:eek: So I said no... they are genuine people who admit if they just lose a 1lb and if they cheat, and they have before and after pictures! Plus if anyone looks like they have made their losses up it would be me !! I was getting really annoyed with her, she smiled and shook her head and said "No its all made up but if you want to believe it thats fine!:mad: So I said well Ive got both my weigh in cards here to prove my losses and Im sure all my friends have too! I left the shop feeling really angry and it takes a lot to annoy me! So instead of feeling great that Id lost weight I felt completely patronised!!
I dont know whether to find another Pharmacy or keep going to prove them wrong!! :confused:
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Well how do you answer that Daisy. I'd complain her to the pharmasist - they're supposed to be encouraging you and in the process making money for the pharmacist. I'd stick with that pharmacy to prove the weight loss! This bloody diet is hard enough without having to deal with the niggly small mindedness of ignorant people who work at the pharmacy. What the hell is it with people - as the paying customer you should be treated like the royalty - especially in a recession that you can afford LT!


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But turn it to your advantage - it could be a fantastic incentive to prove her wrong!! Especially if you're competitive by nature!
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I would definitely report her to LT.... They are getting paid enough money, so should offer encouragement.... When i have finished, i will get the address from you Daisy, and i will send her my weigh in sheet from my pharmacy, stamped and signed...

I am livid.. What a rude b!tch!!


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Wow, it'd take some work to create a forum full of fake people and fake losses. What would the point in that be??? Ridiculous!

What a rude b!tch! You've done fabulously well Daisy, don't let her get to you!



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First off all congrats on the weight loss:D:D:D you are doing brill. I would complain to that chemist and also I would go back and prove to to old Hag!! that ur weightloss is consistant. Its funny how people with chips off their shoulders cant be happy for someone. there was me thinkin her job was to server the customer to the best of her ability!! I hate busy bodies!!!:mad::mad::mad:
Dont let it get u down she is not worth it but dont let her off with it, if u feel that it would knock your confidence then dont go back but she will just get away with it on someone else who may not be as strong as u.

Good luck let us no how u get on.

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How rude! some people are just jealous!.. u are doing amazing.. i'd stick at the same chemist and walk in each week feeling great and watch her smug expression disappear.
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Fantastic loss Daisy really well done!

WELL I am both shocked and angry. These people should be offering words of encouragement. I am sure they do not want to lose business, And if that's how they treat their customers then they will! I am a big moaner and bad customer service gets right up my nose. And if nothing else I would expect the stupid cow to be disciplined and have an apology.

However I would still keep going just to P!ss her off.


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I have to say, I'm astounded at the behaviour of the staff in that pharmacy. I honestly wouldnt go back, you're paying for a service and you're clearly not getting it at that pharmacy and I would definitley be writing a strongly worded e-mail to lipotrim. This diet is hard enough as it is without dreading going for your weekly weigh in with the witches of eastwick!


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Congrats on the weight loss


Tell me where the chemist is cause I'm gonna go and slap the beatch !
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congrats daisy ur doing great some people are very narrow minded arent they id have gave her a very colourful reply lol as said above this is hard enough without people talking down to you makes me think that this lady has tried this herself and failed so is a little jealous to see that your doing great id go back and rub it in her face but thats just me dont stop going there as she ll think you ve given up stick at it xxx
make it past day 1
Make it past day 3
complete 1st week and weight in
lose my 1st stone
get back into my size 20s
Get BMI below 40
lose 2nd stone would like this b4 (cribo)
lose 2 1/2 stone
Get back into my 18s
lose 3 stone
lose 3 1/2 stone
lose 4 stone


Ella Belle

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Daisy I am fuming for you, i just can't believe it. What an absolute cow. How dare she? Well done for keeping your cool..I think I would have been tempted to douse her in the eyes with some perfume tester!! You had a great loss, as you do every week, she is just a small minded old biddy. I think that if you would feel more comfortable you should change pharmacy. understand how nice it would be to show her how wrong she is but the bottom line is that you need to feel you have support and maybe another place would offer that. You can always go back and shove her nose in it when you're done....you should also def report her to Lipotrim...just imagine how p!ssed she'd be then??!!

Good luck for this week x
Thanks Guys, yeah I couldnt believe the attitude of the staff to LT, a couple of weeks ago a different staff member told me not to expect much after being on LT for so long. They arent very supportive at all. Im gona look for another pharmacy coz I just dont want to go in there again. Witches ! pmsl


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That's so shocking!!! The girls in my pharmacy are so lovely and encouraging- even though I'm not on tfr now-just doing maintenance they told even if I stop maintenance I can still come back every week to be weighed! I obviously work in retail and I would make a complaint about that assistant- its just not on. You cannot speak to people that way.


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That's awful Daisy :( I would've been fuming too, and don't blame you for not wanting to go back there. I wouldn't want to continue giving them my business if I could find elsewhere.

Huge well done on the 5lb off though :) That is fantastic! Plus have you noticed (I'm sure you have!) that your BMI is now in the 20's? :D

I went to my last pharmacy for at least 12 weeks it was always the same lady and the other staff used say wow you are doing so well. I really looked forward to going. I noticed right from the first week that the staff at the new pharmacy were not keen on LT. I suppose they just have to sell it as part of their job but they should be professional and keep their opinions to them self. It made it worse that the third lady wasnt even in our conversation but broke her neck to give her negitive opinion.
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Daisy great loss 5lbs !!!

I cannot believe how angry I feel about how you were treated at the pharmacy :mad::mad: How can they talk about you and your diet like that in the shop between themselves. One to one with the person doing the weight-in is bad enough but talking about you between themselves across the counter :mad::mad:

Please complain to LT about this particular pharmacy they make a great deal of money out of us and they must be made to treat you ( us ) as respected customers. I am mad about this :mad::mad::mad:


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Well done Daisy your weight loss is fantastic.
What a nasty cow that woman is I am totally disgusted that she could speak to you like that, I would definately be reporting her if I was you and then take my custom else where x


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Outrageous, how on earth did you stop yourself punching her lights out?!

What you going to say to her next week???? I'd try "well I'm losing weight but you'll always be an ugly *****!"

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