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WARNING: May offend!!!

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Morning everybody! What a beautiful day! Ketosis has started and am awake after a really short and rubbishy sleep :-(

I bet you are wondering what may offend you?? Well here goes......

I'm a paramedic and I work shifts, last night I was called to a lady who was having seizures outside and off licence by the police who had arrested her for a disturbance. The police had said they saw her having a seizure an called us.
When we got there, this lady was obviously slightly intoxicated (as I wish I was by that point) and she was lying on the floor pretending to have fits. She then decided she didn't like the look of my crewmate (who is lovely and slightly vertically challenged) so she called him a "short a**e f**king c**t" and screamed and screamed at him and called all the names under the sun. She also called the two lovely police officers horrible horrible names and just proceeded to be generally nasty and mean. I thought I had got away with the name calling .... Boy was I wrong!

After taking her to the hospital and the hospital kicking her out for kicking a doctor, an being led outside by police, she spat all over my shirt, and started on me. She called me a fat f***, said "I bet you haven't had a boyfriend for years coz you are so fat, I bet you haven't had sex for years coz you are so fat and he probably wouldn't be able to get his hand between your legs coz you are a fat c***!"
I chucked her out of our ambulance and cried...... What a wimp hey?

I'm used to general abuse, but I think that lady is the nastiest person I have ever ever met......BUT.... She had just made me more determined to lose weight, I have lost 1 and a half stone since January, but have been off and on this diet so many times it's ridiculous! I will get there! I will get to my goal weight and be more confident and happy!

Sorry for the long post, sorry if it offends anyone, but I needed to write it all down so I can go back to it if my willpower is wobbling.

Hope you all enjoy the lovely sunshine ad have a wonderful day! X x x
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Why is it that some people think they have the right to say things like that to anyone ? complete strangers !! idiots ( i really want to say something stronger !!)

Glad you have got something positive out of such a nasty experience and that it has spurred you on
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You've got the right attitude there hunny and I would have had a little cry too but then you've got a choice, go and eat your hurt away or you can take it and turn it into a positive. You may never see her ever again but damn it you are going to show her! You can lose weight, she sounds like she has far bigger issues in her life to deal with!

Mr Gilbo

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Well done on using this to your advantage, motivation is often a very hard thing to come by and keep.

Completely digusting behaviour by a complete stranger. But remember you can change your situation and you are doing so. You will lose that weight and be fabulous and thin. She will still be a foul mouthed c**t of a lady for the rest of her life.


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Bet that lady ('lady'? Hmph, I think not! :eek:) is lovely when she's sober... NOT.

Hun, looking at your stats, you're not even all that overweight. It makes me wonder whether she'd have said the same stuff even if you were 2 stones lighter than you are.

That said, it would still've made me cry too. :hug99:

You know what, for what it's worth I think you're amazing and I take my hat off to you (well, I would if I was wearing one :)). Not everyone could do the job you do. It's not even particularly well paid, is it - considering the horrendous things you must see sometimes?

Anyway, keep going hun. Let's make it the year that dieting works for us, okay? Here's to a lovely slim summer!
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Thank you everyone for being so lovely, she was a nasty nasty woman and I'm hoping I'll have lovely patients tonight when I go back to work, but I'm not looking forward to it :-(

Normally I can handle general abuse, I've grown a very thick skin when it comes to abusive people, but she was different, it's like she knew everyones weak point i.e my weight, my cremates height and the poor policeman's acne scars :-( the silly cow got 3 charges against her, and still tried to kick us all with her dirty skanky feet! Yuck!

It also annoys me that we can't be nasty back to people... We don't even get paid enough to deal with people like that (although I love my job and I would work for free to help the really sick people who deserve medical help)

I'm gonna put it behind me and work hard on my diet now, doing well so far, been 100% since Wednesday yay!!!! X x x


Working on it
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What I would try and keep in the forefront of my mind us that you were out there doing your job, living your life and making a success out of yourself... She was being picked up drunk outside an offy... Clearly she's done well!!

You just keep going hun, people like that just shouldn't register on your radar. I know it hurts I've worked in jobs where people are abusive too and sometimes it just gets to you. All my love and hugs to you, stay strong xxxx


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Am utterly speachless - just wanted to give you this :hug99::hug99::hug99:

I think you do an amazing job and it NEVER fails to amaze and disappoint me when people abuse those trying to help


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Ahhhh! The joys of working in the health service. Don't listen to her she is hardly a good judge of character! Drunk, acting out a fit whilst being in police custody. Plus I think people who swear alot cannot think of alternative words in the english vocabulary to describe what they mean. So she is intellectually challenged. As for weight you can lose it. She will stay a foul mouthed reprobate all her life! :8855:


I ♥ CD !!
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nasty piece of work totally not worth one tear from you, people like her are a total waste of space (((((((((((hugs))))))))))))


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God that's awful, I know how you feel though, I am a teacher and I have one boy who must have twigged I am senstive about weight, he makes some horrible comments but always sort of disguised. Ugh!
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I just don't get it, I would never even dream of acting like that, or being so rude and mean to people, I wasn't brought up that way. Unfortunately other people have, and thinking about it now I feel sorry for her (only a smidge) and was just acting out. But I'm still doing my ss 100% and munching on my choc mint bar before I start work.
Thanks for all your comments and encouragement, it means a lot x x


please try again
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unfortunatly some folks are dragged up insted of brought up

your clearly an intelligent and sucessful woman and your working on your goal where as this delightful creature was working on destroying her life and will likely be spending vast amounts of it in a police or prison cell
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unfortunatly some folks are dragged up insted of brought up
I SO agree. Your thread does not offend. It's the idiot who upset you that offends. How dare she. You can lose weight, but doubt she can become a better person. Good luck!


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Hi Bella:)
I'm a police officer and you know what? Some horrible people just have an ability to get under your skin.
You could take abuse off fifty people and it's like water off a ducks back, then one comes along that just hits the right buttons. It happens to all of us:-(((
Keep your chin up honey. She's vile. And why would you be bothered about that kind of persons opinion of anything!!!!