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Warning! WI can be dangerous

Weekly WI today and again I took my specs off, just in case they added anything, couldn't really read the scales so leaned forward, cracked my forehead off the sink and have a nice red weal across my forehead so have spent the day looking like a Klingon:D

On the plus side, I lost 3lb, making a total of 18lb in a month....I'm chuffed:D:D
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Awww I'm sorry you injured yourself...but it IS funny nonetheless.

I'm very shortsighted too, and I think we can all relate to your attempt to trick the scales! I found if I balance on the ball of one foot and sort of squint, it looks less! Lol.

Hope your klingon-ness doesn't hurt too much - just try to cling-on to that good 18lb loss! (dearie me...)



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Well Done Fiesty!! :D


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Sorry to hear about your head (i did have a wee chuckle though :)) - congrats on your losses - you're doing so well! :D


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Well done on your loss, whoops about the scale incident. I fell off my scales once and landed on my ass which was sore. Don't know how I managed it but then I fall over my own shadow at times lol.


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Oh, and another weightloss accident I had was... My trousers were too big for me, they fell down when I was getting off the train, tripped me up and I landed on my face. Who said losing weight was good for your own well being doesn't know how clumsy I can be :D:D:D


I will do this...
Sorry Jen, but I laughed at that......a lot!:D:D:D
So did all the other commuters lol... The thing is... I wasn't worried about my bashed up face, arm or knee... I was more worried about my iPhone falling on the track. Those trousers got binned lol. x
Oh no, hope your ipod survived!:eek:

A few months ago I fell flat out in the slush in front of the Rogano in Glasgow with all the beautiful people watching, my worry....was my handbag ok. The Big Issue seller was the only person who helped me up, god love him!


I will do this...
Lol aye it was fine.. It was the first thing I checked lol. I'm sure the train driver was laughing at me. It was a wee skinny women that picked me up, all the big strapping gentlemen were to busy laughing lol.

It's a red neck tho isn't it lol xc

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