Was anyone else flabbier after their regain?

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
As I've written about, I regained all my weight after my first attempt on CD. I've lost it all again now BUT...

Last night I was looking at the measurements I'd taken at various weights. It seems I was an inch or two flabbier the second time around, even though my diet/exercise hadn't changed that much and my benchmark clothes took longer to feel right.

I had regained my weight at a fairly hefty speed - well started slowly and then kind of snowballed down a really steep slope.

So is it my imagination I was flabbier or could this be because of the theory/truth??? that we lose mostly fat but a bit of muscle on CD but if we regain the weight quickly, it's a higher fat to muscle percentage than before. I'd not really noticed before and now I am curious.

Any thoughts appreciated :D
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yes i came of cd last year and within months gained the weight slowly im back to were i was before starting the diet
to me it seems cd diet isd like a yoyo diet once you get of it it all comes back as it must slow down your metobolic rate down completely sas i was eating healthy wheni was of the cd diet???
now back on it as usual
im worried slightly that when i come of cd diet that all the weight loss will slowly creep up
even thou i eat healthy

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Hi Nimi,

Good luck with round two.

Just to clarify, I gained the weight because I binged my way up the scales. My question was just about whether people felt flabbier ie clothes were even tighter at respective weights than before.

I have not regained any weight this time around because I moved up the plans sensibly.



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Hiya, nope can't say I've experienced this, and I've done CD a fair few times! Although I do go to the gym when I have the energy and I go quite a bit when not on CD, so although I may not be slim, I have good strong muscles underneath.



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Hi All,

I've lost and regained a few times now on various diets but for me I always felt slimmer after the next regain. If I look at a picture of me in high school before I did my first substantial loss, I look much larger than I did recently at the same weight.

However regarding the regain after the diet, I don't think there is any effect on the your metabolism but keep in mind if you're doing a rapid weight loss program and not doing muscle tone, much of the initial weight gain isn't fat but rather your lean muscle mass rebuilding. Also, with a meal replacement diet, its more difficult to re-train the brain new ways to eat and for me at least, that was my biggest problem - going back into the old eating habits.

Best of luck :)