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was so shocked


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I was so shocked yesterday (forgot to come on here and tell you !)
I was serving someone at work, when this lady came over and sort of stood behind a sign we have standing near the desk and she put her hand over her mouth and said.....
'' I dont know how to tell you this...but..
(I thought she was gonna tell me that I had my skirt stuck in my knickers or something !!!)
she then said- ''Oh dear this is very personal...''
(I was like OMG woman what the hell?have I got something on my face ???)
she then said - '' You have lost loads of weight havent you?, I know you have I can see it , you really have !!!''
I just stood there (I had 3 customers stood there watching me ,waiting for my answer)..:eek::eek:
I just turned round and said
''No I havent.''- I didnt know what to say I was like OMG..
As she started to walk away she said that she was so sorry ,but she just had to come and tell me ,because it had been bugging her !!
I was so confused, didnt know what I was doing for a few moments !!
After the initial shock ..I was revelling in it LOL. What I cant work out is that no-one at work has commented on it at all. My shirt hangs like a bag of poop and my fleece is getting to big. I took a big risk last week and told the other girl I work with that I am on SW, and she said that she had an idea I was and she knew it !!.
She has been doing it for just over a year and has lost 5 stone !. I did ask her not to tell anyone and I hope she wont - she has been asked to be a consultant , so with her keeping me a secret it would be good practice for her.
I just cant work out why no-one has said anything , the bus lady that collects my son for school ,hasnt seen me for a month didnt say anything either ??:confused::confused:
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some people are just too embarassed to say because you might take it the wrong way or you might be ill or something people say it to me all the time because i'm such a gob sh*&E i just assume they won't think i'm offended lol but i wouldn dream of saying it to someone i don't know too well you can never judge a reaction.

I have had the same thing - people are concerned i think that they might say the wrong thing and offend you!! People at my work are not that subtle - they just say what they think especially my boss who said " i can't believe how much weight you have lost - especially from your chest!!" that just made me laugh to be honest!! There was no harm meant in it...

k xx


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I think I would feel very uncomfortable commenting on someones size unless I was very close to them. I would never say anything about a weight gain so try not to about weight loss either.

Some people may have lost weight because they are ill or stressed, or may not be happy with a loss. I guess it is just too personal to comment on- although I will certainly comment when I think someone looks healthy or attractive (regardless of what size they are).

Having said that, my neighbour shouted down the street the other day for everyone within a 5 mile distance to hear "F**KING HELL, CLAIRE- I HARDLY RECOGNISED YA!!!! ITS F**KING DROPPING OFF YA!"

I love Wiganers! You just can't take offence
Oh cocktail princess that last bit that your neighbour shouted made me laugh!! Sorry - Its just really is amazing what people come out with!!!

k xx


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Claire - :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

A good friend of mine is about 4 stone overweight but the topic is like - I can't think of another way of saying this - the elephant in the room. No-one can mention anything to do with weight, dieting, health etc because that would be taken as an insult to her. She lost some weight a couple of years ago and even then, it was awkward to say anything.

And some people honestly don't notice until - POW! Especially workmates.

Why keep it a secret, btw? You should be proud that your looking after yourself.

Andy R.

Time for a change
It sounds like she was trying to praise u but did it in a very odd way. lol.
Maybe its different for me being a guy, but men always comment on weight, i've been called "big lad" and other names like that by people i dont know. its hard to react, i used to try and laugh it off but it doesnt really discourage that kind of behav


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I've been told a few times just lately how well I'm looking or how thin my legs are :rolleyes: I think people notice more once you start wearing more fitted clothes. If you're still wearing your larger clothes, even though they're baggy and huge on you now, people still can't see your shape.
Try going to some charity shops and picking up some more fitted clothes to flatter your shape more, then you'll start to get more comments about your figure and weight loss...I bet ya ;)


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I have had a couple of people mention it over the last week. My best mate told me last week she had forgotten how big my boobs were. But now my tummy has shrunk a bit, she can see them again lol...I love her so much, I cannot be offended lol.

When I first lost weight on SW a few years ago, a colleague I had not seen in ages came into work. He looked at me and said 'You have lost loads of weight. You used to be a montar' lol

It was in the casualty department, and he said it really loud. I was pleased he had noticed, but was offended for my bigger self lol


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When someone actually notices I shall be delighted! As yet they only notice my big personality!:copon:


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the last time i did sw i lost nearly 3 stone funniest thing ever when someone i barley knew came up to me in the pub and said oh my god your half the person you used to be lol i do hope she meant in a slimmer way


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LMAO....I loved you thoughts narrative throughout that story! :D

Like all have said, their problem too embarrassed or scared of offending! Perhaps if you were more open they would comment?

I have been open with work from day one and they all tell me off if I go near the biscuit tin! :rolleyes: Infact, my boss has even started a poll as too when I'll get a new man with my new look!! The consensus is June, apparently...lmao.

On second thought, perhaps you should keep quiet considering what my work colleagues are like! ;)

K xx


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HA HA.... the bus lady said this morning ....
Have you lost weight???
like a lot?
I said yes, then told her I had lost nearly 3 stone and have been doing SW, she said
you can tell . well done :)


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Isn't that wierd after mentioning it yesterday?

Hooray for the bus lady!

I hope you were less embarassed this time?



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LOL Im secretly grinning from ear to ear !!!