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Water Consumption....

Hello :D

Well this is week two for me. I didn't want to mention that I started last week because I am getting to be a serial non-starter but something is different this time and I have managed to get to week two with a 15lb loss last week (I was astonished!!!)

Anyway, on to my question! I am really, really struggling to get all the water down. It just doesnt cross my mind to have a drink and I don't seem thirsty at all. Do any of you have a routine for how you get the water down, like a set amount by a certain time? Any help would be glady received :D

Thank you and well done and good luck to everyone!! xx
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Personally i have no problems with water, but i told kitteh to make sure at least half pint every half hour.

Also, evertime you go for a wee, have a drink :)

Hope this helps hun xxx


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I tend to have 2 litres before I have my first shake between 11-12. I then usually slow it down in the afternoon and try to stop by about 8pm so i'm not on and off the toilet all night. :sick0019:
Thank you girls :D I think that I need to try and get more down in the morning as it seems to be the afternoons when I just don't think to go and have a drink! Thanks again :hug99:


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I had real problems drinking water.....BEFORE i brought the water flavouring....Now its easy peasy.
Good luck with week 2, Great loss btw x
Thanks Trina. I have got some of the orange flavouring but there is just something about it that I don't like. It kind of reminds me of the rehydration drink, Deoralite. Maybe I need to try it again and try different strengths or something as I think that this would help me get the water down. :)
I don't have any problem with the water. I just keep glugging away all day - a bottle on my desk at work, in the car, next to my chair at home. Always plan fo rloo stops though ! The flavouring is nice too - I make a huge jug (2 litres) with ice and a teaspoon of orange flavouring - LOVELY!!!
Thanks Anne-Marie. I will try again with the flavours. It's funny because before I did this diet I thought that I drank loads of water, seemingly not :(


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I hated the orange flavour daisy....Got the summer fruits one now.
Like Anne marie i make a 2lt jug in the morning but only add 1/2 a tsp otherwise its far too strong for me x
I know this will sound a bit anal but anyway here goes...... I kept a water diary every day for the first few weeks so I could tell how much I'm drinking and to ensure i drank all I was supposed to!

I do also have a timetable. 2 litres between starting work and morning tea break, 1 between than and lunch and another in the afternoon. Then if i drink any in the evening it is a bonus but i try to stop early evening as I don't like having to get up in the midlle of the night to wee!
I've never been a big fan of water and it was the thing that worried me the most about doing CD, but I try to have a pint with every 'meal' and then I have a short and fat 1 litre bottle with me all day that I top up every time it's empty. It doesn't look like a 1 litre bottle and I just sip it without even thinking and before you know it it's empty again..... I'm only on my first few days but haven't drunk under 5.5 pints a day so far, yesterday even had 7.5 which is amazing for me...... I know I'm only a newbee at this...but it's working for me so far........

Well done on your amazing first weeks loss!
Thanks again ladies! I have made orange water this afternoon and made it a little stronger and it tasted much better so that helped it go down! :) So far I have had 3l today, that's not too bad is it? xxx
no thats not bad at all :) anything over your minimum amount of 2.25litres is brillient

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