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Water Flavours

I tried the vegetable one on my 1st visit to CDC and it was quite nice and yes just like a soup flavoured water (tried it hot), bit like if you have an ox drink. Also tried the berry one in cold water which is nice. Will defo get both when I am allowed - week two I think.
I was told by my CDC that you can't have them until week two until Ketosis is really established otherwise it may take longer to get into ketosis.
Thanks Linda, in your experience if your ok with just drinking plain water should you just do without the flavorings?
My CDC said it was fine from day 1 - and I mentioned that I'd read on here about it stopping you getting into ketosis and she has assured me she called CD the next day and they said that no, it was fine to have from day 1 and 1 teaspoon per 1 litre, nothing about 1 teaspoon a day - so it seems we're all getting mixed information somewhere. x
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i love marigold vegatable bouillon, like the Cd vegatable one but much nicer! ( and cheaper!)
i have been told its 2 tsps a day ( 2 cups) i tend to use them both in one cup though with loads of pepper, yum
We got lemon and apple. Have only tried the lemon so far but it was so good it made me go overboard with the water consumption today! Really worth it!

My CDC said I can have them and I'm on day 1 so I would expect they are fine for any stage!
I didnt know they did Lemon ones, I have only every been offered Orange or Berry! But the Berry one is lovely in some fizzy water.
Should have never read this thread as it appears everyone is right, I am then 10 days away from being able to have flavours and they were just divine and am now envious LOL

Don't be jealous that we have lemon here we have NO porridge, NO tomato, leek or curry soups, NO butterscotch, berries and orange shakes and what's worst, no Cambridge Fiber!!!

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